A Public Service Announcement re: The Hugos, via Twitter

And, a reminder that authors (and others) talked about the their eligible work here. Check it out for ideas.

12 Comments on “A Public Service Announcement re: The Hugos, via Twitter”

  1. I just skimmed this… he’s “casting a wide net” and trying to win for both best novel AND short fic?

  2. Nate:

    Skim more carefully. I am encouraging people to nominate works other than mine in novel and saying if they want to nominate me, the individual episodes of THD can be nominated for short fiction. But in both cases people should not nominate me from inertia.

  3. Just playing along with Hugh, apologies if you thought I was being sincere. Your intent was loud and clear.

  4. Can John win with Human Division for both novel and one of the short fiction categories?

    Didn’t the Hugo committee for Chicon make an executive decision based on way that most people nominated that Game of Thrones would be nominated as a whole season in dramatic presentation long form, rather than one or more episodes being nominated as dramatic presentation short form?

    LIkewise I would think that if Human division were nominated that the Human division should either be nominated as a novel or one or more of the shorter parts should be nominated in one or more of the shorter fiction categories.

    John, I’m not that interested in the hording & sharing aspect of this. If I conclude that one of your works really is one of the best things I’ve read, then tough, you get my nomination. I will try to take to heart your admonition to cast a wider net, but as a practical matter, my usual suspects do start out with a leg up because they are my usual suspects.

  5. Mike:

    “Can John win with Human Division for both novel and one of the short fiction categories?”

    In the unlikely event I am nominated for both the novel and a short fiction category, I will decline the nomination in one of those two categories.

  6. so John,
    should THD , against your wishes , garner enough votes to be nominated for best novel, are you going to pull a Gaiman and pull out of the race?

  7. Hmm, the Vikings went a-hording a lot. May I join you when you decide on the next raid?

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