Zeus, 1/26/14

Clearly, pondering the future. Or, looking at the finger I held up to get his attention while I took the shot.

The horribly cold weather we’ve been having reminded me that Zeus came to us right around this time of year, on a night where it was single digits outside. He’s been with us six years now, and we’re glad he found us. I suspect, if he could verbalize it, he would say he’s glad he found us too.

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  1. Holy cats!!!! 6 years!!!!??? I remember when you first wrote about him. I think I have been reading this blog for too long… :)

  2. He’s a handsome cat! Beautiful eyes. My husband and I have had three separate “Walk in” cats over the last 29 years and they’ve have always brought us a lot of fun, love and satisfaction.

  3. Like Mike W above, I remember Zeus’s arrival and the naming contest….and agree that it doesn’t feel like 6 years ago.

  4. It seems that he made a good choice in which garage to stumble into. And he’s grown to be so handsome!

  5. Cats and probably even Zeus are very likely thinking about how tasty you will be if/when you should happen to expire and not be found for more than 15 minutes. Love them, feed them, stroke them but make sure you have life alert or a friend who checks on you often if you have a cat!

  6. As Peter Watts says. “…“Can’t Believe I Won the MegaMillions” mindset..” of a rescued stray cat.

  7. That is a gorgeous cat.

    Two of our cats came to us that way, although at a more pleasant time of year. Neither were kittens, although Emilycat was only barely not a kitten.

  8. It was kind of fun falling back through time six years and reading some of those older posts. The election primary discussions were particularly interesting in hindsight.

  9. Re lightning bolts and the hurling of same:

    Zeus nods, and the lightning bolts hasten to do his bidding. (Rather like a Jedi knight, from an era rather more civilized than today.)

    His dapperness knows no limit nor bound!

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