Daily Archives: January 27, 2014

For Auction: EXTREMELY RARE Bound, Signed Outtakes from LOCK IN, Plus Signed 1st Edition of LOCK IN, for the Worldbuilders Charity

The wordy headline says it all! But in case it doesn’t, this bit from the auction page: “A signed copy of Lock In by John Scalzi, and a signed copy of seven chapters cut from that book, (Not) Lock In–one of only four copies in existence “(NOT) LOCK IN: The seven chapters John Scalzi didn’t use in his […]

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A Convention Harassment Policy in Action

Arisia is a convention with a harassment policy. So what happened when a woman quite reasonably felt she was harassed, and complained to convention about it? Why, it was handled quickly and efficiently, of course, because there was a process in place to handle it, and that process was followed. Read about the event here. […]

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Notes on My Nexus 7

I bought myself the latest generation of Nexus 7 tablet as a post-Christmas gift, and I’ve gotten a couple of people asking me what I thought about it. Briefly: I like it a whole lot, and in fact would probably say that of all the tablets I have or have tried, it’s probably my favorite. […]

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