Little Snow Rollers


They’re so cute when they’re small!

18 Comments on “Little Snow Rollers”

  1. Or were they secretly conspiring together, and they’ve now split to implement their dastardly plan to roll over western civilization as we know it? Hmmmm……

  2. Tim Smith: >80
    I did a Google image search for more info. I got An aerial view of the scene. 1:54 is worth a look, as is the vid’s background image if your browser blocks autoplay.
    Кусок скалы упал на дом Категория: Бедствия Просмотров: 1098 автор: BlackAlex Вчера, 22:52 = A piece of rock fell on the house Category: Disasters Views: 1098 Author: BlackAlex Yesterday, 22:52.

  3. htom: dang you beat me, I thought John had a new blog icon!
    Martha Kennedy: a great poem by Karl SandBORG, who wrote great ones likr “A Father and Clone” “A Million young droids” and “Always the Mob” (that last one was a dirge I think)

  4. Don’t be fooled people! The photo was taken by an SR-71 10 miles over the Kamchatka Peninsula. Those “little rollers” are 100+ meters high and represent the oncoming wakes of burrowing Gargantuan Snow Worms which escaped (or were released?) from their Soviet-era holding pens. Contact with the recon flight was lost soon afterwards.

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