Daily Archives: January 30, 2014

And Now, a Brief Phone Text Conversation Between Me and My Daughter

Athena (from school): I found out today I’m ranked eleventh in my class. Me: You have ten people to push in front of a train. Athena: This is why you’re the best dad.

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Appearance Schedule Updated: Now Adding Chicago and London (Plus News About Detroit)

For everyone who wants to see me stroll about as like a mortal, two confirmed public appearances to tell you about: 1. April 25-27, I will be in Chicago for C2E2, the city’s big comic con-like event. I am not yet listed on the site, but my publicist tells me I’m confirmed, and why would […]

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The Big Idea: Myke Cole

It can be a strange thing when the real world intersects with your fiction, particularly when you’re writing a work of fantasy. Myke Cole knows what that’s like, since it happened with his latest, Shadow Ops: Breach Zone. A strange thing — but is it a good thing? Well… MYKE COLE: Let’s say you make […]

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