Appearance Schedule Updated: Now Adding Chicago and London (Plus News About Detroit)

For everyone who wants to see me stroll about as like a mortal, two confirmed public appearances to tell you about:

1. April 25-27, I will be in Chicago for C2E2, the city’s big comic con-like event. I am not yet listed on the site, but my publicist tells me I’m confirmed, and why would my publicist lie to me? She would not. Because she’s not like that. She is awesome.

2. August 14 – 18, I will be at Loncon 3, also known as this year’s Worldcon, being very relaxed about the whole Hugo thing for once.

Also, with regard to Detcon 1, which was already on my schedule for July, let me break out a bit of news via Twitter:

Yup. It will be fun. I give good 80s, if I say so myself.

I have a couple more events that I have agreed to but which I have not gotten complete confirmation on for May and early June; I will let you know about them when/if I get clearance.

For my full 2014 schedule (to date), see my Scheduled Appearances page. It’s always there, and usually up to date.

16 Comments on “Appearance Schedule Updated: Now Adding Chicago and London (Plus News About Detroit)”

  1. “For everyone who wants to see me stroll about as like a mortal…”

    No! To gaze upon your visage is to go mad! You are Dionysus, and we your Maenads.

  2. Bill Hayes – United Kingdom – I have a very large sea shell collection; it's too big to keep at home, so I have left the collection scattered on various beaches around the world. Perhaps you've seen some it.
    Bill Hayes

    Loncon – I will be looking foward to that. I would gladly buy you a beer and shake your hand. I spent last August at Excel filming gun fights and motorcycle chases in their underground car park for a movie. It’s a great place.

  3. You need a serious DJ name (assuming you don’t have one already and I missed it). How about

    MC 900 foot Coke-Zero
    DJ Fuzzy Nation
    IJ UJ We all J for DJ
    DJ Mallet

  4. Sweet! I was considering skipping C2E2 to head to Ebertfest this year in Champaign, but I think this has coaxed me in the other direction. Any idea/hints of panels you might be on?

  5. If you’re asking if I’m going to sightsee, probably not, since I travel to Chicago frequently. I will probably get out into the city once or twice to see friends. I am unlikely to do any public events outside of C2E2.

  6. An 80s dance party? Welp. Now I need an 80s-connected costume–and one that can be danced in, at that.

    *Digs through old comic books*

    This will require hair spray.

  7. Well would you look at that.. You one of those pages. You know in the three years I’ve followed you blog I did not know that was there. Thank you for the referral.

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