Daily Archives: February 4, 2014

Prepping for Snowpocalypse 2: Snowmageddeon

My neighbor drives a snowplow for the county, which means this winter he has been very very busy. We’re supposed to get between six and ten inches of snow tonight, and as you can see my neighbor is so very ready for it. Good for him. I myself will probably just stay in bed all […]

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Today’s Books and ARCs, 2/4/14

Today’s book haul includes @jeffvandermeer, @Catrambo, @terryandrob, @RealCliveBarker and Allen Steele: pic.twitter.com/ieJXsYc2xI — John Scalzi (@scalzi) February 4, 2014 In other news, I just realized that rather than posting a picture here and on Twitter, I can post the picture on Twitter and then just embed the tweet here. (Smacks head) Anything look good to […]

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Group Participation: Good Advice You’ve Gotten on the Craft of Writing

I’m drilling down into this novella today, so while I’m off banging it out, a question for the writers in the crowd: What’s some good advice you’ve gotten on the craft of writing? I’m not talking airy, metaphysical revelations that someone dropped into your skull on what writing means, or anything like that. I mean, […]

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