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Today’s Books and ARCs, 2/4/14

Today’s book haul includes @jeffvandermeer, @Catrambo, @terryandrob, @RealCliveBarker and Allen Steele: pic.twitter.com/ieJXsYc2xI — John Scalzi (@scalzi) February 4, 2014 In other news, I just realized that rather than posting a picture here and on Twitter, I can post the picture on Twitter and then just embed the tweet here. (Smacks head) Anything look good to […]

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Group Participation: Good Advice You’ve Gotten on the Craft of Writing

I’m drilling down into this novella today, so while I’m off banging it out, a question for the writers in the crowd: What’s some good advice you’ve gotten on the craft of writing? I’m not talking airy, metaphysical revelations that someone dropped into your skull on what writing means, or anything like that. I mean, […]

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