Prepping for Snowpocalypse 2: Snowmageddeon

My neighbor drives a snowplow for the county, which means this winter he has been very very busy. We’re supposed to get between six and ten inches of snow tonight, and as you can see my neighbor is so very ready for it. Good for him. I myself will probably just stay in bed all day tomorrow. I think it’s better for everyone that way.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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The amount of snow we’re due to get has been decreasing since last night (we live southwest of Pittsburgh). Looks like we might just get slush. But I have sand and rock salt just in case…

Sorry you’re getting clobbered again, Mr. Scalzi, though I hope you enjoy your day in bed. The past couple of systems have stayed just south of us on their way to your neck of the woods, so the most we’ve gotten from them is an inch or two of fluff.

And I’m FINE with that, by the way, in case anyone wonders. We have already had our share and then some.

They’re predicting a foot ± 3 inches here in Central MA.

JS, you recently blogged that you monitored the house’s temperature for your wife while she jogged out in the cold. Tomorrow you will sleep in to help your neighbor plow unimpeded.

Though our politics differ, I find you an inspirational figure, worthy of emulation.

It’s so awesome to live next to people with plows. In our old house our neighbor on one side would plow out our driveway and the other would snowplow a path in front of our house. God Bless America!

I’m due south of you, and we’re getting freezing rain right now. I’d gladly take snow.

The kids have been out of school more than they’ve been in school since New Years. It’s getting old for all of us.

We have about a foot of powder snow here in KC, and it’s still falling at 11pm.
Obviously, the snow dance the kids did at my kid’s school yesterday worked really well!

Up here in Minnesota we’re just a bit chilly. I guess if it’s really cold it’s too dry to support heavy snowfall. Now, a few winters back we had a brown Christmas (my first ever) and I don’t think I ever had to put the sandals away for more than a couple weeks. Anyway, enjoy the snow!

You’ve got remarkably little snow on the ground there. We’re just over the Michigan border about 50 miles and we’ve got about 2 feet on the ground, much more in the piles to the sides of the driveways.

I live in New England, thus what we get for snow makes everyone that lives west of DC and east of the Rockies who gets snow that looks positively wimpy.

F’r instance, today the fist 1/3 of snow that is burying will range from 8 to 12 inches; weekend storm promises to dump another foot and Monday promises to be a classic Nor’easter.

Well, one of the schools where I worked delayed until noon – I teach before noon, then cancelled entirely. The other (where I teach afternoons) is still open, although I will check before I leave for Twinsburg – I’m in Akron (Ohio). So I can get ahead on lectures for Friday, and put together three tests (1 for this week and 2 for next week). And make some chili. I did go back to bed at 5:30 when I found morning classes were cancelled and slept for another 3 hours, so I guess I’m ahead…

Giant pipeline!

We actually had similar suggestions a year or two back when one end of Australia was flooded and the other end was on fire (a surprisingly frequent (occurrence in summer!) Some wag even proposed gathering the entire population at the burning end ”to tip the continent”…

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