I Just Heard of Meg Myers Today And Already I Think She’s a Big Deal

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Between the song above and this song, I come to two conclusions:

a) She can write a hell of a song;

b) Boy I hope she’s happier in real life than she is in these songs.

In the meantime, I’m buying up all her music.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Like the songs. Like the dark-pop vibe and the raw emotion. But, the lyrics make me cringe a little: “I’m gonna tear into your soul” sounds a little like a 15-year-old trying a little too hard to be goth. To sound less kitschy, emotionally resonant songs need some concrete imagery for the listener to grab onto. For instance, in her song “Heart Heart Head”, she opens with a description of “black and white sheets” that helps set the stage. Otherwise, as with “Monster” and “Desire” she’s just in her head and it’s hard to make sentiments like “I’m gonna kill you. I’m gonna put you in the ground” evoke empathy in the listener. Compare, for instance, to the end of Dylan’s Masters of War where “I hope that you die, and I hope that it’s soon.” is powerful because of the concrete litany of horror that goes before.

That said, her songs are catchy. She’s got a interesting and distinctive musical style, and I’ll definitely keep watch to see where she goes.

Great voice. Matt W’s comments about the lyrics make a point. Another is, as far as I can tell, all her songs are about the same thing or sort of thing… I’d like to hear more variety. Perhaps more playfulness.

As far as music goes, there really is no accounting for taste. For instance, the song posted here really doesn’t do anything for me at all, and I agree with devnet that the cursing is a turnoff. On the other hand, I’m sure there’s music I like that others can’t stand…

Um, wait… you’re calling me a sexist because I said I don’t like the swearing in the song? That’s really quite a leap you’ve made there. I would kindly thank you to not assume that I like it any better when men swear in songs. And generally speaking, I dislike being unjustly accused of things. It’s really very rude.

@Eliza: What makes you think that we, who do not necessarily approve with her particular choice of lyrics, do so because she’s a young woman?

However, I do like the music.
She does remind me a bit of Lana Del Rey.

Thanks so much for putiing this up! I’ve been listening to her all weekend. Heart Heart Head and Desire have been my favorites so far. Really can’t wait to see what else she come out with in the future.

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