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So, uh, I may have accidentally deleted a bunch of comments from earlier today while dealing with a spam flood. So if you notice a comment you made suddenly having gone missing, it’s not that you were being moderated, it’s that I flubbed. Sorry. You can repost if you like.

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The Best Fan Art of Me Ever, As of This Moment

What’s that? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the awesomeness that is me flying on a churrocorn. Yes, when a churro and a unicorn love each other very much, this is what you get. Plus me, flying on my deliciously cinnamon-y steed. This magnificent work of art comes to us from Natalie Metzger, who […]

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Blessed Critters

My friend Alisha is trying to help out an animal shelter local to her called Blessed Critters, who are doing a little bit of fund raising due to unexpected rising costs. Here’s what she wrote to me when she asked if I could boost the signal: “I am asking for help for them because of […]

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