The Best Fan Art of Me Ever, As of This Moment

What’s that? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the awesomeness that is me flying on a churrocorn. Yes, when a churro and a unicorn love each other very much, this is what you get. Plus me, flying on my deliciously cinnamon-y steed.

This magnificent work of art comes to us from Natalie Metzger, who is clearly a genius. Let her know, here.

30 Comments on “The Best Fan Art of Me Ever, As of This Moment”

  1. Churrocorns have magical regenerative abilities so they can re-grow the eaten portions in creepy Roald Dahl-esque fasion. And I’m all for eating the ears first. The ears are the best part of chocolate bunnies, therefore they must be the tastiest and crispiest part of the churrocorn.

  2. [insert emoticon indicating “laughing out of pure joy, not amusement” about here]

  3. “when a churro and a unicorn love each other very much”
    NTTAWT, but isn’t this a family blog?

  4. Spectacular! Now I’m going to be up all night figuring out how knit a Churrocorn of my very won.

  5. Seconding Sooz, where are the wings? The churrocorns in the background have them. Did you eat the wings, John? Did you eat the wings?

  6. Stringmonkey: I’m no amigurumi crafter, but what comes to my mind is slipped-stitch ribbing (heel stitch?) done as a large I-cord with doubled yarn for the body, and then similar with single yarn and smaller needles for the limbs and horn (or multi-ply for body and single-ply for limbs). Possibly with a pipe cleaner threaded through the body.

  7. I would just note a churro is a form of cactus (I have several in my yard), and a breed of Navajo sheep which are very hardy and will kill coyotes that attack the flock.

    One may assume the artist meant to use the pastry, because the cactus spines are tedious to draw. The rider would not be joyful. Also, while the sheep are very fast (trust me…) they are difficult to ride and do not look like a dragon (although the rams can have 4 horns).

    Cool drawing…

    “Chur-Chur train”? I am running outside holding my nose. I shall return…

  8. If you ride a churrocorn while sitting on its wings, is it one of those cartoony things where you don’t start falling until you realize what you’ve done?

  9. Amazing indeed. Though I can’t help but notice the color of your shirt. Is there a safety harness on that beast of deep fried cinnamon deliciousness?

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