Sunset, 2/12/14

Because it’s been a while.

If you look to the left edge of the picture, you can see a faint sun dog. There was one to the right, too,out of frame, but it was even fainter. One day I’d like to get both sides, and maybe one on top. It would be something to live for. In the meantime, however, still a very nice exit by my favorite star.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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“It would be something to live for?” That’s the way I talk about everything. Well, I’d might as well stay alive until I do this or see this. Then, say, if you’re living long enough to see Sherlock season 3, and it’s horrible, then you think, well, that wasn’t worth living for. I didn’t know that non-suicidal people had to have things to live for.

Always enjoys these, John. Thank you.

Today as we got out of the car for dance class, Rosie stopped in her seat to ask about a line across the sky. I explained that it was a contrail from an airplane that had recently passed overhead. “Where’s the rocket?” she asked, and I wished for a moment it *had* been a rocket. So soon after the anniversary of the Challenger explosion, I felt a bit wistful about that.

She climbed out of the car and turned to see the rest of the arc of white across the sky. Excitedly, she pointed out it went all the way across. I hope we all retain our ability to marvel at what we see in the skies, all our lives.

I had rushed her out of the house to try to get to dance class on time, but because of that contrail, she was a few minutes late. It was totally worth it.

Apologies, John,

Normally I don’t send unsolicited responses to public posts. Your sun-dog picture, however, reminded me of the one I took this past Christmas eve near London – not only a parhelion but almost an entire halo. Sadly, muffled by the clouds but, still… :-)



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