A Conversation That Actually Just Happened

Context: I tasked my fifteen-year-old daughter with ordering food from the local pizzeria.

Athena: Dad!

Me: What?

Athena: I tried calling the pizza place but  I got a weird noise.

Me: Like what?

Athena: “Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.”

Me: …. That’s called a “busy signal.”

Athena: Okay. What does that mean? 

Me: It means someone else was calling them and they were on the phone when you called.

Athena: …. Well, whatever. What do I do now?

Me: Try calling again in a minute.

Athena: (Sighs) Fine.

Me: You… you really didn’t know what a busy signal was?

Athena: I’d heard of them.

Me: Hmmmmmmm.

Athena: I’m going call them again now.

Me: Okay. I’m going to sit over here, being old.


New Books, 2/14/14

Here are the new books/ARCs that have come into the Scalzi Compound this week. Did you know that books are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? It’s true!

What looks good? Share in the comments.


The Best Valentine for Teh Intarweebs, From Ursula Vernon

Yes, that’s just about perfect. 

Ursula notes: “We do not endorse actual violence against your enemies.” Yes, well. She’s right, I suppose.

See more of Ursula’s fantastic (and Hugo Award-winning) art here.


A Valentine’s Day Song for My Best Girl: “Friday I’m in Love”

Fun fact: This was the first song Krissy and I ever danced to, the very first night we met — indeed, we danced to it roughly thirty seconds after she came up to me and said “you and I have to dance sometime tonight” and I said “now is good” because if you think I was going to let the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life get away after she said something like that, you’re a silly, silly person.

Anyway. Today is Friday! And I am in love! So it’s even more appropriate than usual.

Warning: This version has me singing. And playing guitar. To varying levels of competency on both.

Hope you’re having an excellent Valentine’s Day. My your day be filled with love and/or chocolate.

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