A Valentine’s Day Song for My Best Girl: “Friday I’m in Love”

Fun fact: This was the first song Krissy and I ever danced to, the very first night we met — indeed, we danced to it roughly thirty seconds after she came up to me and said “you and I have to dance sometime tonight” and I said “now is good” because if you think I was going to let the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life get away after she said something like that, you’re a silly, silly person.

Anyway. Today is Friday! And I am in love! So it’s even more appropriate than usual.

Warning: This version has me singing. And playing guitar. To varying levels of competency on both.


Hope you’re having an excellent Valentine’s Day. My your day be filled with love and/or chocolate.

30 Comments on “A Valentine’s Day Song for My Best Girl: “Friday I’m in Love””

  1. That was awesome, sir. You’re a much better guitarist and singer than my dad (which admittedly isn’t saying a whole lot).

    You are so lucky to have such a beautiful, awesome wife. I wish you at LEAST 50 more years of happy marital bliss.

    Qapla’, Mr. Scalzi, sir.

  2. Unless you’re using some kind of pitch correction, you actually sing rather well. I didn’t hear a single note that was off enough to notice. (I don’t have the best ear in the world, but I can’t even listen to Frank Sinatra because his pitch is so bad. Just as a point of reference.) I’m assuming the accent you’re using is an imitation of the original.

    But of course Kristine’s opinion is the only one that really matters here. Which means You Win!

  3. Xopher:

    No pitch correction, no. Some reverb, although that’s more to give a fuller and more 80s sound than it is to round out my voice. Well, and the reverb does smooth out my terrible strumming a little bit, too.

    My own thought about my singing voice is that it is pleasant in its range but not particularly distinguished; when I sing songs I tend to take on at least a few of the vocal qualities of the original singers of the song. This means I’m good at karaoke, but it’s slightly less desirable if I were trying to establish my own vocal identity. Fortunately, I have writing.

    Mind you, I sing regardless. I like to sing. It’s fun.

  4. desertdragon42 – I am a science fiction fan. I read it, I watch it, I breathe it, I go to conventions to hang out with others like me. I met my fannish family at my first Worldcon in 1995 in Glasgow. I've been smitten ever since. I am a crafter. I make jewelry and sell it http://www.etsy.com/shop/DragonWolfCrafts Just your typical bi pagan poly sf/f fan gamer geek! I have an amazing group of friends and chosen family flung all across the US and the world.
    Cheryl Martin

    ~wild applause~

  5. That was wonderfully cute.

    But, what is your cheesy one-liner for the year?
    Mine is…
    “You make my heart feel like Scorpion, It just wants you to, GET OVER HERE.”

  6. Speaking as a musician (one who sometimes gets paid to practice his craft), that’s pretty good, man. Happy Valentines Day to you and Krissy.

  7. Whilst I rode my giant swan in the blue waters of the Caribbean last year, I happened upon a couple staring into each others eyes while playing in the waves. At first I thought it a pair of seals, but lo, it was a pair of Scalzi’s.

    Happy Valentines day, you two. Rock on with your bad selves.

  8. when I sing songs I tend to take on at least a few of the vocal qualities of the original singers of the song. This means I’m good at karaoke, but it’s slightly less desirable if I were trying to establish my own vocal identity.

    In my twenties, I kept catching myself doing that with the accents of the people with whom I was speaking. I was always afraid someone would think I was making fun of him. I believe that I have learned to stop doing that.

  9. You are adorable. Both of you. I hope Athena realizes how wonderful it is to have two parents still so obviously in love with each other.

  10. “when I sing songs I tend to take on at least a few of the vocal qualities of the original singers of the song”
    I noticed the slight accent. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Your singing and strumming are much better than the credit you give yourself.
    Happy Valentine’s day to you both!

  11. You’ve gotten a lot better than last time you posted signing for us, which was noticeably better than the time prior. Seriously. Good job. I played this for my partner. She’s a business translator specializing in tonal languages and she is quite impressed. Though of course only the person you recorded it for need really approve :)

    Happy V-day! (Yes, it’s a corporate holiday manufactured to sell greeting cards and chocolates, but it’s still nice to do something thoughtful for your special person)

  12. Donna Leonard – Southern California – I like to write, read, knit, crochet, watch movies, watch way too much television, listen to music and play Drawsomething 2 somewhat obsessively, not necessarily in that order. You can find my irregular blog at: http://manicmeanderings.blogspot.com/ 3 kids: Twenty-three-year-old boy/girl twins, and a thirteen-year-old girl. 3 cats: fourteen-year-old female, three-year-old female, and a two-year-old male
    Donna Leonard

    Holy crap, John, that was like totally awesome! Good job on the accent too! And thank you, my life is indeed filled with love and chocolate. I try to make sure it is like that every day. :D

  13. Another singer weighing in – not bad, not bad at all. We’d take you for the choir in a heartbeat.

    Also, absolutely adorable as a Valentine’s Day gift. Good work!

  14. Wonderful, thank you for sharing! I was impressed with the homage-based pseudo-punk 80’s might-be-English accent as well. (Every time I sing I get requests — but I keep singing anyway!)

  15. *adds JS to list of people to try to recruit for singing at conventions*

    (Please note ‘try to recruit’ means “hey, a group of us are singing thus-and-so at time-and-place if you’re free and feel like it,” not “oh pleeeeeze come sing with us pleeeeeeeze.”)

  16. *claps loudly!!* YAY! One of my most favorite songs EVER!!

    But, I am now terribly sad that I did not get to hear this on Valentines day so I could share it with my person. *sigh*

  17. timeliebe – Central NY – Dreaded Spouse-Creature to bestselling fantasy author Tamora Pierce (SONG OF THE LIONESS, THE CIRCLE OPENS, BEKA COOPER: A TORTALL LEGEND series), a co-author of TORTALL: A SPY'S GUIDE, Co-author with Tamora Pierce of Marvel's WHITE TIGER: A HERO'S OBSESSION for Marvel Comics. Contributing Editor for VIDEO Magazine during the 1990s, Columnist for C/Net 1999 - 2002.

    Are you putting on a British accent to sing this, Sclazi…?

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