Daily Archives: February 19, 2014

Houston: I’ll See You Memorial Day Weekend At Comicpalooza

They’ve announced it, so I will too: I’m a literary guest at Comicpalooza, in Houston, TX, this Memorial Day Weekend. If you’re going, make sure you come and say hello. If you’re not yet going, well, see, obviously you should. More details to come the closer we get to the date. Also, at the moment […]

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And Now, To Lighten the Mood, Here’s Pictures of Cats, Set to “Walking On Sunshine”

Because I said to myself: “After the last couple of days, ‘Walking on Sunshine’ would be nice for everyone to hear. Especially if pictures of cats were involved! I wonder if YouTube will provide?” And yes. YouTube did provide. Oh, YouTube. You never fail, when cats are concerned.

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