And Now, To Lighten the Mood, Here’s Pictures of Cats, Set to “Walking On Sunshine”

Because I said to myself: “After the last couple of days, ‘Walking on Sunshine’ would be nice for everyone to hear. Especially if pictures of cats were involved! I wonder if YouTube will provide?”

And yes. YouTube did provide.

Oh, YouTube. You never fail, when cats are concerned.

12 Comments on “And Now, To Lighten the Mood, Here’s Pictures of Cats, Set to “Walking On Sunshine””

  1. Thank you, John!

    I was PARTICULARLY inspired by the several-times repeated pic of Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat stepping out together in apparently perfect sync.

    A deep metaphysical/metaphorical commentary for us to ponder…

  2. Thanks for the catchy earworm and restock of cuteness to counteract the gloom of some corners of reality. For people who need a little more cheering, how about “Everything is Awesome” from the Lego Movie (by Tegan and Sara):
    (Sorry if my formatting doesn’t work for that link…haven’t tried sharing a link here before.)

  3. @tariqata: User the force, Luke. Living well is the best revenge…hug a recruiter today! (says one who dealt with a wilfully ignorant boss by rage-quitting, but only because there was, actually, an offer on the table).

  4. Thank you John. This is exactly what I needed after yesterday. My brother has been living with my father and I since last Sept. when he tried to take his own life. He had been living a transgendered life for more than a decade. When he moved in, my father was still firm in his denial of everything about his old existence. And refused to allow Nicole at all.
    I didn’t give a crap. I was happy to have a sister who was alive then a dead brother.
    Well yesterday Paul died from heart failure after a stent was put in to a blocked carotid artery.
    Paul loved cats. Thank you.
    I love you Paul Boozer
    And I love you Nicole Louise Boozer.

  5. Last year, I was talking to a trauma counselor — about pets, not trauma, we were sharing Funny Pet Stories — who said that in fact, YouTube videos of (your favorite critter) are a useful tool in dealing with stress. Obviously, it’s bad if you retreat into only that, but as a short-term calming measure, they’re pretty darn good, and available 24/7 for free.

  6. @Susan Tait: Thanks for the words of encouragement! The thought of how much more fun the rage-quit is going to be if I can sweetly say that I’ve been offered a better job (or at least one with rational management) definitely helps keep me going. Along with the cats.

    @Mark Boozer: I’m sorry for the loss of your sister, but speaking as another person who is happy to have a living sister for whom the road to acceptance has been and still is rocky, I’m glad that yours had someone who did accept her.

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