Context: Chris Kluwe wrote on Twitter about how the GOP are currently destroying themselves, like the Whigs did back in the day. This is what followed.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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if you weren’t happily married, and i not happily living in sin, i’d court you for the snark and funnies ALONE.

alas, you are and i am so i have to take said S&F second hand.
oh well, at least i still get them *G*

as an aside — i tried to post a link on Facebook. i don’t know, i generally HATE facebook, but this was hilarious and Facebook is easier/faster than emailing everyone i’d think would enjoy this.

Facebook STILL thinks your site is “bad” somehow. just… WTF?

The idea that “The GOP is destroying itself like the Whigs” is just a wishful-thinking fantasy from a party facing it’s own extinction problems with voters due to it’s rampant corruption, cronyism and absolute authoritarian leanings (“I have a pen and a phone”). In truth 72% of all Obama voters now truly regret their vote, the GOP has higher approval ratings than the Dems and the President is down in Nixon territory in approval.

The Dems got all they wanted and burned out the voting public.

Scorpius, don’t let something as trivial as politics get in the way of the important things here, namely, swords and LASER EAGLES.

(i.e., just because a comment about politics started the discussion, doesn’t mean it’s a discussion about politics.)

Or to put it another way: lighten up, Francis.


This may qualify as the nerdiest tweet I’ve ever read. Not in a bad way, mind you. Just nerdy.

So, what happens if my house is built on a cursed Native American burial site? Does it protect me from Sword Drones, but leave me open to poltergeist assassins? I feel this question was not properly addressed!

I haven’t a clue about what you two were talking about, but I sputtered coffee on my iPad anyway because it was so very, very funny.

I suppose I should look up Highlander, but I’m worried that nothing could possibly live up to the trailer…

@Bruce “I’m still disappointed that the Vikings let him go.”

At the time, I was too. I figured Kluwe was waived for political, not athletic, reasons. He had just had a good season and Oakland picked him up shortly after he became a free agent. But then…..Oakland cut him before the next season began, and Chris is still out of football. In a money-driven industry like pro football, if Chris Kluwe still had the talent to punt in the NFL, he’d have a job by now. The timing makes it all suspect, but maybe, just maybe, he was at the end of the line in his NFL career when the ‘Queens cut him loose.

You had me laughing my head off until you misspelled ‘supersede’. Now I must send my own drones to punish you.

But lasers cannot so easily defeat my drones, for lo! they are actual drones, the insect kind, from a colony of bees I keep for the purpose.

What manner of bees, you ask? Honestly, think for a moment. Do I have to spell out everything?

@Stevie – If by “trailer” you meant the Twitter exchange and you don’t want to see the whole film, then budget 5 minutes to watch the Queen video that came out with it back in the day. Condenses the movie nicely, with an added shot of Freddie Mercury Juice (™).


You are right on both counts; that is utterly superb! Unfortunately I don’t think it’s going to save me any time long term, because I shall be watching that video…


But lasers cannot so easily defeat my drones, for lo! they are actual drones, the insect kind, from a colony of bees I keep for the purpose.

What manner of bees, you ask? Honestly, think for a moment. Do I have to spell out everything?

Why drones? How many drone spelling bees does it take to punish an immortal? If you have a significant swarm of drones, then how many bees do you have? Now we know what happened to the bees; they are all in your volcanic fortress where they will be used to create an army of proof readers.

Wait, if an Immortal is decapitated by a remote-operated drone, what happens to all the Immortal Energy that is released? Will it accrue to the remote operator, or merely flow to the nearest Immortal it can find?

Xopher- It comes from the Latin supersedere, but does so by way of the middle French superceder, so I would suggest the c spelling is probably the earliest in English.

The C spelling is, however, wrong. Older does not mean more correct, or Chaucer would still be readable in the original (well, nearly) by high-school students.

I do realize that I and the other righteous are going to lose this battle (and the C spelling will be correct in 2100, but please God not yet.) As I told someone who offered me his sword this morning, we’re like King Canute: we’re fighting the C.

I’m going to shout at the next person who posts something that indicates that they don’t realize I was doing it for the pun opportunity (le pun chance, in French). I don’t actually feel the need to correct John’s spelling, that being why Tor has copyeditors.

If Charlie Stross joins this conversation, will he be THE LOWLANDER?

If Stross joins the conversation then he will be followed by eldritch horrors the likes of which would cause your brain to destroy itself out of sheer terror rather than live with the fact that such vile entities could exist in this, or any other dimension.

Plus: bureaucrats

It’s probably best he stays out of it. That’s all I’m saying.

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