Away From Keyboard Until 3/3

So here’s a picture of a cat to keep you company until then.

But yes, as promised, I’m taking a little time off from the Internets for a personal project, and also because it’s a good idea every once in a while to walk away from the online world. Now seems like a good time.

Between now and March 3, the only thing I really need to let know about is the paperback version of The Human Division, which comes out on the 25th. And now I’ve just told you! So there’s that.

Please note that while I’m away from the Internets, commenting here is suspended. I’d hate to come back and have to weedwhack through trolls. Between now and then, if you comment, your comments will go into moderation. I will probably release them when I get back, unless there are too many, in which case I might go unnnnngh, and just delete them. Probably best to hold fire for a bit. Commenting will resume on the 3rd.

Until then, be good to each other and enjoy the rest of the Internet. If you must come here while I’m away, here, click this, it’ll take you to a random entry.

See you again soon.

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