I’m back from a lovely week away. For those wondering, my personal project was: Vacation, specifically on the JoCo cruise. It was a week without Internet or even news; I came back onto land before I found out anything that happened for the last week. This is as it should be.

A couple of things:

1. The ability to comment here has now been restored, and I’ve gone through and released the comments that were posted during the week and which were therefore in moderation.

2. I’ll be going through mail that was sent in the last week. However, if there was something you sent that you really wanted me to see, you should probably resend it. No, not right this very instant, or even tonight (it’s Sunday night), but rather during the week, during regular business hours.

The exception for this: Big Idea queries. I see them in the queue and will get to them. Don’t panic.

With that said: Hi! How was your week?

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