I’m back from a lovely week away. For those wondering, my personal project was: Vacation, specifically on the JoCo cruise. It was a week without Internet or even news; I came back onto land before I found out anything that happened for the last week. This is as it should be.

A couple of things:

1. The ability to comment here has now been restored, and I’ve gone through and released the comments that were posted during the week and which were therefore in moderation.

2. I’ll be going through mail that was sent in the last week. However, if there was something you sent that you really wanted me to see, you should probably resend it. No, not right this very instant, or even tonight (it’s Sunday night), but rather during the week, during regular business hours.

The exception for this: Big Idea queries. I see them in the queue and will get to them. Don’t panic.

With that said: Hi! How was your week?

25 Comments on “Returned”

  1. My week? Flew from Detroit to San Diego for about 36 hours, during which a rainstorm settled in a looked determined to stay.
    You might have heard that California is full of kooks and weirdos. After my brief visit I can conclusively say that this is untrue. It’s not nearly full. There is plenty of room.

  2. Welcome back John! The interwebz were not the same without you. Possibly that may be a good thing…? (As far as my productivity is concerned anyway!)

    What is this ‘vay-cay-shun’ you speak of? The word sounds familiar but I can’t quite place it. Something to do with NOT working? No, that’s just silly…

  3. Pretty similar to yours, actually :-) Sorry again about my toddler’s tantrum getting in the way of your path to dinner Friday night. The week of excitement had taken its toll on her usually cheery demeanor.

  4. My week was not good so it is all the better for having you back. Welcome home :-)

  5. It was great! I got 4 cat pictures in a row on random, which must constitute some kind of statistical anomaly, or, possibly, divine intervention, but I repressed the urge to email you about it.

    It was a battle, I must confess, but I felt that you might have some more interesting things to do, and, after all, in the highly improbable event that it was divine intervention, then it might carry on providing me with cat pictures, so why should I do anything to rock the boat…

  6. I got a new short story written this last week. Yay, me. (I don’t write that many, so I have to brag when I do.) The opening line “When the dead came back, they turned out to be assholes” had nothing to do with the “Religious Freedom Protection” bill (aka “the Douchebag Privilege Preservation Act”) that the Arizona legislature passed recently. Well, okay, a little. Well, okay, a lot.

  7. I just saw the pic of your luggage helpfully demolished by Delta. Delta’s my regular carrier. Acronym for Don’t Expect Luggage To Arrive.

  8. Ah yes, I kinda suspected that “personal project” = vacation, after the last time you did the cruise. The price of fame — having to misdirect your fans so they don’t follow you. :-D
    Just out of curiosity, why did you not line up guest bloggers like last time? Just didn’t want to bother with it this time around?

  9. I’ve got finals next week, yay. After that I’m going to London, actual yay! also I’m kinda freaking out about Ukraine, which is not a good thing to be doing the weekend before finals…

  10. Sorry you have to get back and find all the WTF that exploded while you were gone.

  11. My week: Found out I got admitted to grad school.

    Have been fighting off panic (financial and otherwise) ever since.

    You can tell you’ve leveled up when the monsters get bigger.

    (Glad you had a good trip and safe return!)

  12. There’s a Pagan chant that goes “The Earth, the Water, the Fire, the Air/Returns, returns, returns, returns.” My brain is going “The Earth, the Water, the Fire, the Scalzi…”

  13. Welcome back! Though with the weather forecast for SW Ohio being what it is, you’re going to wish you were back on that boat.

  14. We made a film! we finished the main shooting on a script that I wrote, about a trans* person dealing with her first days at work after transition. We were shooting lecture scenes in a beautiful location, and were funded by Scottish LGBT History Month as an art event. I have on-set pictures that I’ll put up soon, at and you can look out for us on facebook and twitter; the project is called High Heels Aren’t Compulsory.

    We still have a couple of hours’ filming to do and then to edit the piece and get a score written, but we should be going to festivals from the middle of May, and hopefully this will be the pilot of a web series.

  15. My week was a lot like yours, but with more coughing. I tried to only cough when people were applauding Paul and Storm, though. Or saying Arrrrrrrr.

    I’m just glad that if I was going to get a cold it was two weeks before the cruise, and not the day before it. It’s sad when the one purchase you declare on your customs form is Dayquil….

    It was nice seeing you in passing around the boat. I hope I succeeded in my ambition to not be creepy!

  16. Everyone I play with was on a boat with you, down to my favorite radio shows being clip shows.

    Aside from that it was a pretty nice week. I got a lot of chores done.

  17. But… We can’t comment on the Zeus photo from before you left! There is no way to pay tribute to the magnificent majesty in his fluffy throne bed, King Zeus, who does look so kingly in said photo. All hail, king Zeus!

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