Finally, to Round Out a Busy Day of Posting Things, a Picture of the Missus

Taken on one of the formal nights of the cruise. Yup, she’s gorgeous.

12 Comments on “Finally, to Round Out a Busy Day of Posting Things, a Picture of the Missus”

  1. justthreadtwiddling – 50 something grandmother who plays with fiber, all fiber, any fiber. There is also a strong interest in dogs, genealogy and family history.

    I’m glad you know you are a lucky guy!

  2. Probably somewhere, yes. But I’d warn you that I’m looking more like a lump of fleshy dough every year.

  3. jcisnowjs – Blogger, Freelancer, Manager, Software Engineer, Beginner in Crocheting, Struggling Cook, Photography addict, Passionate for long drives n soulful music, Movie buff, Interested in politics, a loving wife and a Mom of three, but still a girl from heart :-)

    She is beautiful.

  4. She is beautiful.

    I am sure your lovely wife appreciates that you use your blog for gushing purposes. I know I would. :)

  5. Well, if you can’t be madly in love with your own wife, who can you be in love with?

    Your incredible daughter, if you are anything to go by.

    If my husband were a woman, I’d be madly in love with my wife. Assuming we could get married.

  6. What makes our wives lovely is not how they look, it’s how they love us. If they are beautiful to boot just consider that part of the ‘additional compensation package’.

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