Get Your Official Insect Army Coffee Mugs!

Due to popular demand, Ursula Vernon and I are making Ursula’s fabulous “Roachie the Riveter” art available on coffee mugs, perfect for quaffing your favorite beverages while you clack your way into the literary world. We’re doing the mugs through Zazzle, because it’s easy and because we know they do a pretty good job with mugs.

Also, I’m happy to say that any artist proceeds from the mugs will go to two fine organizations: The Carl Brandon Society and the Xerces Society for Pollinator Conservation. It’s a nice way to show your allegiance to diversity in SF/F and, well, bees and other such useful creatures.

(For those of you going “huh?” to this, here’s some context.)

And yes, of course, I have ordered my own. Two, actually!

19 Comments on “Get Your Official Insect Army Coffee Mugs!”

  1. To get ahead of questions about these things: Zazzle is the one who sets mug and shipping costs, not us. And while we are taking a little bit off the top for the abovementioned charities, the amount coming to us as the creators is fairly small. We’re trying to keep the costs down so you can enjoy your mugs at a reasonable price.

    Also, today only (3/3) there appears to be a sale that will take 15% off the purchase cost. Sweet!

  2. Thomas M. Wagner:

    They are, and we still might do them, but in point of fact if we do we want them to be good quality, and not just cheap iron-on-like transfers. Also we want to make sure there’s a solid range of options for fits. Basically: Good t-shirts are more complicated.

  3. I’ve used zazzle to make calendars (decent, but I’d not recommend them for that). They make stuff of decent quality.

    I’m in for a couple.

  4. OrbitalElements – Southern CA – Mom, wife, geek, and Naval Officer. Not necessarily in that order. I have about a million hobbies, but they all boil down to loving books, space, family, cooking, and exploring this extraordinary world.

    I can’t wait for the looks I’m going to get drinking out of one of these at work. Perfect for water cooler conversation :D

  5. My shipment is on the way!

    Now all I have to do is figure out which mug gets shoved to the back of the cabinet to make room …

  6. Alas, my boyfriend now requires an environmental impact statement for any new mugs, as the cupboard is full. But a t-shirt, now, I could totally rock a t-shirt.

  7. lonotter – Ron's wife, Robin's Mom, Eowyn & Elrond's human. Chief Everything Officer for Otter Necessities. Knitter & weaver, with sides of spinning, kumihimo, and other stringy hobbies. Compulsive reader & bibliophile, including e-books. Geek, typophile, text-design hoppeful, and more I've probably forgotten.

    For shirts, talk to the nice people at OffWorld Designs ( They do the shirts and other nifty things for a lot of conventions. I don’t know if they can do on-line sales for you, but their quality is good, and the people are both friendly and knowledgeable. Even though the convention I’ve gotten shirts for is small, OffWorld has always treated us well.

  8. One does not simply walk into Mordor without an Insect Army coffee mug!

    Looking forward to getting mine and a t-shirt to go with it would be happening. . . .

  9. This really is the best way to deal with nasty people: take their attacks, turn them into something positive, and use them to support causes they hate!

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