The Human Division Paperback Out in the World

I was on a boat and/or Grand Cayman last Tuesday, so I neglected to make a big deal out of The Human Division coming out in paperback on its release day — and indeed, had not seen the paperback version of the book before I left on vacation. However, the bookstore at the Fort Lauderdale airport had a nice stack of them. So here they are, for your perusal. It looks great, if I do say so myself.

If you’ve not previously gotten a copy, head over to the book vendor of your choice and get it. Once again, my daughter’s future college education thanks you.

12 Comments on “The Human Division Paperback Out in the World”

  1. Bookstores still exist? I thought that they only did in Portland but that’s only because Portland is permanently stuck in the 90s

  2. Mine is on it’s way to me from Amazon! I’m very much looking forward to it!

  3. Do you offer to autograph the stock at bookstores? I’ve wondered if there’s some sort of author protocol for that sort of thing.

  4. Oh great!! Now I start a whole cycle of reading it in paperback to complement my cycle of reading it in my hardcopy version. What’s killing me is waiting to find out what happens: who’s messing with Earth and the CU; will Harry and Dani get together; will Harry get a promotion; will John Perry show up? And on—

  5. *does a little dance*

    I am philosophically opposed to hardcovers therefore I get disproportionately excited when paperback versions come out. And by ‘philosophically’ I mean “they’re just too hard to squeeze in my bookcase and lug around every time I move…”

    To the bookstore I go! Fortunately there’s an excellent one around the corner from me specialising in sci-fi/fantasy. There’s seems to be plenty of bookstores Down Under still Scorpius, possibly this indicates our entire country is still stuck in the 90s? ;)

  6. Cruising out of Port Everglades? Yikes…Good to know the book is available locally, though.

  7. Ah, I missed this the first time around. Have now ordered. My Scalzi MMPB shelf will soon be complete–well, except for REDSHIRTS…


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