The Human Division Paperback Out in the World

I was on a boat and/or Grand Cayman last Tuesday, so I neglected to make a big deal out of The Human Division coming out in paperback on its release day — and indeed, had not seen the paperback version of the book before I left on vacation. However, the bookstore at the Fort Lauderdale airport had a nice stack of them. So here they are, for your perusal. It looks great, if I do say so myself.

If you’ve not previously gotten a copy, head over to the book vendor of your choice and get it. Once again, my daughter’s future college education thanks you.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Oh great!! Now I start a whole cycle of reading it in paperback to complement my cycle of reading it in my hardcopy version. What’s killing me is waiting to find out what happens: who’s messing with Earth and the CU; will Harry and Dani get together; will Harry get a promotion; will John Perry show up? And on—

*does a little dance*

I am philosophically opposed to hardcovers therefore I get disproportionately excited when paperback versions come out. And by ‘philosophically’ I mean “they’re just too hard to squeeze in my bookcase and lug around every time I move…”

To the bookstore I go! Fortunately there’s an excellent one around the corner from me specialising in sci-fi/fantasy. There’s seems to be plenty of bookstores Down Under still Scorpius, possibly this indicates our entire country is still stuck in the 90s? ;)

Ah, I missed this the first time around. Have now ordered. My Scalzi MMPB shelf will soon be complete–well, except for REDSHIRTS…


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