Molly Lewis’ “The Year of the Beard”

In which I have a cameo, because I wasn’t wearing a beard at the time. So there’s irony. Anyway. An amusing encomium to hirsuteness.


11 Comments on “Molly Lewis’ “The Year of the Beard””

  1. The member of ZZ Top called Frank Beard is the one without a beard. It’s about the same level of irony. :)

    Still, it’s way past time we beardies got some positive press.

  2. Being at work, I have to watch these things with no sound sometimes.
    So just from the visuals. It almost looked like they were handing out metals for manliness and you didn’t get one because you lacked facial hair.

  3. qrparker – Colorado, America – So, I'm not sure exactly who looks at Gravatars, but I made one, SO DEAL WITH IT, DAD.

    I want to live on a island for six months so I could grow a beard without anyone seeing the rough stages.

  4. sidseton – Aylesbury, UK – Aspiring to be decadent, or at least a combination of Waldorf and Statler, but would probably end up as the Bolshevik Muppet.

    Well it is nice to be recognised!
    And may I suggest a subcategory of Pipe Smoking Beards.

  5. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first song ever to rhyme “cynical” with “rabbinical,” so, points for that.

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