Daylight Savings Sunset

Just a few minutes ago. I like having the sun in the sky later in the day again, I have to admit.

26 Comments on “Daylight Savings Sunset”

  1. Thanks to the different time zones, I’m heading off to sleep, so thanks for showing me such a beautiful thing to look at…

  2. Pretty! Still daylight out here. I like the later twilights too, but I most definitely don’t like it being darker and colder in the morning when I have to get up.

  3. While that sun was setting, I was listening to Old Man’s War on my iPod while trudging up mechanical stairs at my health club. Sir, it’s as captivating this time as it was the first two times I read it. Brilliant sun set photo, brilliant book.

  4. Still, for me nothing makes up for it being darker in the morning. It’s so much nicer to wake up to natural light… getting out of bed in the dark sucks.

    Nice picture, though.

  5. I like DST too, but I was just getting used to having a wee bit of daylight on my morning commute.

    “Red sun at morning
    Sailor take warning
    Red sun at night
    Sailor delight”

  6. I realize I’m in the minority on this, but if I were Dictator of Everything we’d have daylight-savings time all year. I like being up before the sunrise, because sunrises are beautiful. And I like having a lot more daylight after work. It’s all good!

    Okay, I’m sure you all have your trivial little “reasons” for thinking this is a bad idea, based on your so-called “needs” and “problems” and “requirements,” as if anything in the world existed aside from my esthetic preferences. Crazy talk!

  7. @pnh, There are a number of states that don’t participate in Daylight Saving Time, and I’ve read that TN has a State Representative working to switch the state to DST all year round.

    Personally, I just want the clocks to stop changing!!!

  8. @pnh Speaking of dictators (or at least authoritarians), Moscow’s time zone went onto DST a few years ago and never went back. It meant very late sunrises the winter I lived there (think: 9:30) but thus also sunsets that were not soul-crushingly early.

  9. Here in Canada, all of Saskatchewan and parts of British Columbia stay on Standard time year-round.

    Perhaps we should switch to a 28-hour day? We’d only have six days in a week (both weeks would have 168 hours). It would give us all kinds of weekly variety in sunrise and sunsets.

    (yeah, right!)

  10. Whoa, that is one pretty *amazing* sunset! I’d like some of that in mason jars, either for drinking or lighting up the table at dinner time.

  11. I do prefer “summer” time to “winter” time in Ohio, I just hate the switches from one to the other. Can’t we just stay like this?

  12. The whole ‘switching back and forth always annoys me, bringing back my inner Tick-Tock Man. Come on-, if someone said, ‘Everyone get up an hour earlier/later’, we’d refuse.

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