Still Houseguesting

Which means more of me not being here! I know! It hardly seems fair. I’ll be back tomorrow.

6 Comments on “Still Houseguesting”

  1. It’s okay, John. I’m getting my hot tub hooked up tomorrow, I’ll try to find a way to pass the time without the column. Have fun with your houseguests.

  2. I hope they’re nice. Probably they are.

    I dunno though. Starting to go through Scalzi withdrawal. With the headaches and the shaking and stuff.

  3. Xopher: Try a little Brandon Sanderson. He’s totally different from Our Glorious Lord Host, may His name be praisèd, but I can assure you that any and all Brandon books will break your mind. In a good way.

  4. I’ll try, John. Don’t worry about me. Just…go on. I’m finished anyway.

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