Two Things, Relating to Me, 3/10/14

And they are:

1. John Harris is the artist who does the cover for my Old Man’s War books (and the individual episodes of The Human Division), and he does such a great job of it that I co-dedicated the compiled edition The Human Division to him in appreciation. He has an upcoming art book coming out, for which I wrote an introduction. has the details here, as well as samples of the fantastic art Harris has in the book. And I have to say, I love the cover.

(If you just want to go preorder the book — which I have seen in a preproduction version and which is just plain gorgeoushere’s the link.)

2. Writer Mikey Neumann and artist Kris Straub were on the latest JoCo cruise with me (and, to be clear, many many others) and decided that as long as they were there they would do an interview video series with some of the folks on the boat with them. And thus began “On a Bed with Kris and Mikey,” in which the two, as advertised, interview someone while all of them are on a bed. This week, that person is me.

Interview topics include my chest hair, how many languages I am translated in and who between me and Pat Rothfuss would win in a fight. It’s fairly amusing, although I will note that in watching it I have observed that the “propped up on a bed” position reveals my middle-agedness at its squishiest. I will henceforth refuse further interviews in that position, unless/until I get really ripped.

(Last week’s interview, in case you’re curious: The fabulous Molly Lewis.)

10 Comments on “Two Things, Relating to Me, 3/10/14”

  1. Noticed the men’s faces are removed so you can’t see their sheepish grins. Do they make briefs?

  2. Sorry, wish I could edit. Clicked on Steve’s instead of John’s link here. Will post later.

  3. I’m sensing some bared pincers.

    I love the Human Division, especially for its wide-open potential for later stories; and hope the illustrator can remain loyal to the style. I also love how The Human Division was originally serialized — very much in a tradition similar to the original Dickens’ works; and, erm…. It would be nice if someone with some discretion could remove some comments occasionally.

  4. It’s neat that the same cover art is being used for Beyond the Horizon as was used for The Human Division. It’s certainly a good painting.

    John, I recall you mentioned that you purchased the original of one of Harris’s paintings for THD. Was that the one?

  5. This was a timely article. I’m working on my Hugo nominations and this reminded me I can add John Harris, so I did. I really liked the individual Human Division covers.