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Reader Request Week 2014 #4: How I See You, Dear Reader

This question comes from Sassy Coconut: How do you see us (readers of this blog)? What are we to you? Are we a faceless mass murmuring in the background? Gargoyles on the edges of your posts cackling and shoving each other around? Or are we mice scurrying through the sea of grass that is this […]

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Reminder: Two Weeks to Get Your Hugo Nominations In

We’re on the downslope of the nomination time for the Hugos, so if you’re an eligible nominator (if you were a member of LoneStarCon 3 or a current member of Loncon 3 or Sasquan, that’s likely you) you have until the end of the month to get in your nominations. Need suggestions? Here’s some from […]

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Reader Request Week 2014 #3: How I Stay Happy

Kate George asks: You seem happy and well balanced. You have a great daughter and although I don’t know much about your wife you speak well of her. You are fairly consistent on your blog and don’t seem to have much angst about the times you can’t be here. How to you maintain your equilibrium, […]

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