Reminder: Two Weeks to Get Your Hugo Nominations In

We’re on the downslope of the nomination time for the Hugos, so if you’re an eligible nominator (if you were a member of LoneStarCon 3 or a current member of Loncon 3 or Sasquan, that’s likely you) you have until the end of the month to get in your nominations.

Need suggestions? Here’s some from other fans. And here’s where a bunch of potential nominees let you know what works they have eligible. And finally, if you need it, here’s what I have out there that’s eligible this year.

Remember: Read deeply and nominate widely! Let’s get good works nominated from more than the usual suspects (the usual suspects including, you know, me). Unless the usual suspects made work that knocked your socks off, in which case do nominate them. But nominate worthy works from others, too. You’ve got five nominations per category. Use them all.

5 Comments on “Reminder: Two Weeks to Get Your Hugo Nominations In”

  1. This year I’m reconsidering the bit about using them all. I haven’t encountered 5 novels that knocked my socks off.

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