Daily Archives: March 20, 2014

Reader Request Week 2014 #8: What Writing Lurks In the Shadows?

Katy asks: Is there anything you’ve written that is sitting in a drawer/file cabinet that will never see the light of day? Not really, no. The very first novel I wrote was Agent to the Stars, which I sold shortly after Old Man’s War (the second novel I wrote) was published. All the other novels […]

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Twenty Years Online

Above, you see the very first verifiable evidence of me being on the Internet: A USENET post, on the sci.astro newsgroup, dated March 20, 1994 — twenty years ago today. For trivia fans, it was posted from my apartment in Fresno, where I was working at the local newspaper as their film critic, and if […]

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Reader Request Week 2014 #7: Editorial Independence

Dpmaine asks: How do you intend to maintain editorial independence given that you are now working with one of the largest international media conglomerates, headed by a notorious right-winger billionaire? Context: My book Redshirts is in development as a limited TV series at FX, a cable station owned by 21st Century Fox, owned by Rupert […]

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