New Public Appearance Announcements: Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, Phoenix

2014 has become a very busy year for travel and for appearances. New on the slate:

1. I’ll be at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on April 12, doing the panel “Redshirts: From Page to Screen” with Redshirts producer Jon Shestack and with TV Writer/novelist (and my super-awesome pal) Pamela Ribon as moderator. That will be at 2:30pm in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center, on the USC campus. Immediately after the panel I’ll be signing books, and I’ll be doing a second signing session at the Mysterious Galaxy tent at 5pm.

2. For booksellers and other folks in the publishing/book-related world, I’ll be at Book Expo America this year, which runs May 29 – May 31 at the Javits Center in New York. My schedule is still being formed and I will post it when I have it, but I can already tell you I will be doing some pretty cool stuff.

3. On May 2 – 4, I’ll be at Penguicon, in Southfield, MI (i.e., suburban Detroit). I don’t currently have anything planned for the convention other than hanging about, but I may add a panel or two.

4. Finally (for today, anyway), I’ll be returning to Phoenix Comicon once more for three days of fun and excitement and crazy wacky nonsense. The con runs June 5 – 8; I’ll be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Phoenix always does a great job getting fantastic authors to participate, and this year is no exception.

These are on top of already scheduled appearances in Seattle (this week!), Houston, San Francisco, Detroit (again) and London. And there are likely to be at least a couple more to come, not including the tour for Lock In, which will happen in the August/September timeframe. All the dates and details, as always, are noted on my Scheduled Appearances page. Check in on that page anytime.

17 Comments on “New Public Appearance Announcements: Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, Phoenix”

  1. I was hoping you’d be back in Phoenix this year – great lineup of folks announced, and now I have one more reason to go!

  2. I know that a lot more shows are announced than actually produced, so I’m wondering: Is Redshirts: the TV Series a genuine ‘go’ project? If so, this is really great news. I love that book.

  3. Thanks ,John. We try.
    Marcus, still a lot more authors coming, so you definitely should come.

  4. Looking forward to seeing you at Emerald City Comic Con.
    (I’ll be the guy in the lime green shirt :-)

  5. Very glad to hear that you will be joining us for Penguicon.

    (runs into nearby closet, closes door so as not to disturb others — SQUEEE!!)

  6. Another happy Arizonan here… :)

    (Safe to assume you updated the header to celebrate the announcement of Kate Bush’s first live shows in 35 years?)

  7. Ohh, Book Expo?!?! Will you be there (please please please) for Power Reader day? Would be exciting to meet one of my favorite authors, and I can’t get in any other day…

  8. Look forward to seeing you at Book Expo. The last time I saw you at BEA you were in a panel with Jeff and Anne Vandermeer and Walter Mosley. At the time all I knew you as was the dude who wrote the new Fuzzy book – which I have since corrected by reading everything you have done (except the Fuzzy book). It was a fun panel although I am not a big fan of genre discussions. Also saw you last year at ALA where you had that road weary look that author’s get when they have been on the road for far too long!

  9. Doesn’t it strike you as tempting fate to do a “Page to Screen” talk for Redshirts when you haven’t even shot the pilot yet?

    (I am, of course, only assuming there isn’t a pilot in the can. The announcements all make it sound like the series is “in development”, which says to me that there isn’t even a script for a pilot yet. But I could be wrong.)

  10. Oh, I’m sure there is. It’s just that, having grown up in a below-the-line showbiz family, and assuming that Redshirts is not actually in production, my reflexive reaction to seeing that program title was, “Dude! Don’t jinx it!!”

    Not that I think you had total control of the program. And I also know that TV marketing is a lot different now (in the age of cable/satellite/on-line streaming) than it was when I was a kid (3 networks + PBS).

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