The God Engines Now Added to Humble Bundle 3

Here’s the cool thing: The God Engines, my Hugo and Nebula nominated novella, is now part of the Humble eBook Bundle 3, a collection of DRM-free electronic works. The God Engines joins Jumper by Stephen Gould, Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, Tithe by Holly Black, and several other books by some of the best science fiction and fantasy writers today.

And how much do you pay? Well, that’s the thing: You pay as much or as little as you like for the Humble Bundle. But the more you pay, the more titles you unlock — and if you kick in $15, you’ll get the audiobook version of Cory Doctorow’s novel Homeland, narrated by Wil Wheaton (who has a book of his own in the bundle). $15 for eleven titles in total is not a bad deal at all.

And, when you buy the Humble Bundle, not only does your payment go to the authors, it also goes to the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund (supporting science fiction and fantasy writers when they get into medical scrapes) and to Worldreader, dedicated to increase literacy worldwide. Two good causes, supported by this one bundle.

If you want this bundle — and why would you not? — move quickly: It’s only available for one more week.

Again, here’s the link. Happy reading!

20 Comments on “The God Engines Now Added to Humble Bundle 3”

  1. A quick word that the audiobook is pretty brilliant. Wil does a dubstep whoop, is the voice of Anonymous, and reads the digits of Pi for 3 minutes. (He does take a few deep breaths.) And gets to portray himself early on. “So, yeah, I was in some movies and TV shows as a kid…” Really well done. And while the FLAC is available too, the mp3 format is 320 kbps which is plenty hifi.

  2. One other note about Humble Bundles: you can customize the split in your donation. If you want all the money to go to Mr Scalzi, you can do that. Or you can take ALL of the donation and give it to the SFWA. Or you can split it among the authors and charity and Humble Bundle themselves however the heck you want.

  3. kalisalessnau – I am an author, baker of delicious treats, and a big fan of this Internet thing. I think it'll really catch on in a few years, don't you?

    Boop! Purchased! I love the Humble E-Book Bundles, they’re a great sampler of authors. The previous bundle was how I first read “Old Man’s War” and I am still quite happy with the other books I received.

  4. deathemu – Poplar Grove, IL – I'm currently a community college student who is dabbling in writing fiction. While becoming a writer is not what I want for a career, I have always been interested in trying to amuse others. The dream now is to become a computer programmer (hopefully working on video games) and write a little on the side.

    I already have this book and I’m totally ecstatic that it’s included. I bought the bundle a few days ago :D

  5. qrparker – Colorado, America – So, I'm not sure exactly who looks at Gravatars, but I made one, SO DEAL WITH IT, DAD.

    I look forward to picking up my bundle. Congratulations!

  6. My awesome son bought me the bundle for my birthday last weekend, knowing I love to read SF and would be happy to see the money go to a good cause. I was thrilled to see your book added to it today. Thanks!

  7. So excited to get this news! I downloaded the other books in the Humble Bundle last night and didn’t know what the surprise add on book was yet. I did a happy dance when I read today’s post. Thank you!

  8. The only ones of these I’ve read are Jumper and The God Engines but they are both excellent. And I know enough of the other writers to feel quite certain that this is an excellent collection. I really do love the Humble Bundle model, though I’ll admit that so far, I’ve only gone for the gaming ones.

  9. I bought the hardback version of this when it first came out (from John and Mary’s Book Center in Ohio, ‘natch). Great story. Deeply weird and creepy in a sort of Lovecraftian way that I like in my “weird fiction”.

  10. I listened to the audiobook from the library and really enjoyed it (I don’t remember the reader’s name, but he was great) so adding this to the collection is what tipped me over the edge into purchasing. Thanks!

  11. @g2-b6cf52792c3ddd31913490458fd3a7f6 (that’s the name you went with?): The other books are all regular e-books, I downloaded mine as PDFs but EPUB and MOBI options are also available.

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