Hello, I am in the Sky

And traveling to Seattle. I’ll check in once I land.

In the meantime, how’s your Thursday so far?

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  1. Busy.
    I want to get out of work early this afternoon, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to be possible today.
    Maybe tomorrow.

  2. Watch out for the time vortex phase shift and the hungry, hungry Langoliers when flying over the Rocky Mountains.

    Day okay. Students are writing an essay “Science and Me” so I can submit writing samples for my English Language Learners to campus administrators. They are being very quiet which is highly unusual for them. Reading King’s Doctor Sleep when I can.

  3. Great farewell reception near Caltech last night for Big Name Poet Mariko Kitakubo, now flying back to Japan.

    This morning, wrote #15 of my 15 recent “Lyrics/Spherics” sequence of stories based on lyrics from Musicals.

    1,250 words, Thursday 27 March 2014, “Charlie Brown”, about the distant dwarf planet, originally designated 2012 VP113.

  4. Perhaps the clouds will part and the sun will shine in when you land. I’ll be seeing you at the con. Coke Zero?

  5. You should ask the pilot to perform a reverse fibonacci spiral.

    My day is shaping up nicely. I’m taking my son to his co-op preschool soon. Is my day to work in the book area. After that, we’re going to the Museum of Flight. If you get to Seattle before closing time at 5:00, you could join us. I have guest passes. ;)

  6. Our eldest cat, Simba, a 16 yo male bluepoint Siamese, has an upper respiratory infection. He’s also recovering from a rather impressive hematoma in his right ear, probably caused when one of our two younger cats (9 yo brownish-grey tigerstripe, almost 2 yo ragdoll sealpoint Siamese, also males) nipped his ear while grooming/playing. We’re extremely glad Simba doesn’t have pneumonia, he’s already got kidney issues, for which he’s on a special prescription canned food diet. At this point the vet says “don’t worry so much about kidney/pancreas, just feed him whatever he’s willing to eat.” So my Thursday so far has been spent talking to the vet and keeping my husband apprised of developments.

    Any good thoughts y’all could spare would be greatly appreciated. Yes, he’s 16, but I’m not quite ready to let go just yet. He’s in reasonbly good shape, all things considered, but positive vibes certainly can’t hurt.

  7. I’m on the ground, eventually watching you fly past, far overhead, somewhere to the West of Seattle (circling to orient on the airport). Happy landings! Remember: and landing you can walk away from is a good one.

  8. My day has been good. I asked someone on a date, and she said “What took you so long?”

    So yeah.

  9. A girl on the bus propped her feet up on the seat facing her getting slush and snow all over the cushion. If you do this you are a horrible person, no exceptions. I thought how woderful it would be if I could go to her house and walk all over her furniture with my snowy, slushy, boots. Got home and had something to eat. Feeling better now. Thank you for asking.

  10. Getting ready to go to work and wishing I was going to Seattle for the con. It’s about 5 hours drive but responsibilities and $ mean not this year.

  11. @Jennifer – best wishes for Simba. Mine was 18 1/2 when I lost her due to old age and kidney issues. It’s rough when they go after you’ve had them so long..

    My day has been OK – made it through my 6 month dental checkup and cleaning this morning with the usual ‘floss more’ advice but nothing painful. Treated myself to a burger and a couple of pints at the local pub on the way home. (Walking, not driving..)

  12. It’s quite cold here in Illinois, my day is starting off on a bit of a down. I just had the worst League of Legends game ever, but the day is still young

  13. Had to restore my 7-yo Macbook Pro’s hard drive from the Time Machine backup today, which seems to have gone OK.

    “I’m all alone in the sky!” is what my father shouted out when he first went solo. Through the magic of his log books, I can tell you that this was a ten minute flight that took place on the 28th July 1941 at No. 32 Elementary Flying Training School, Swift Current (in Canada) in a Tiger Moth, specifically a DH 82C, after 7hrs45mins flight experience. After the next four weeks, I don’t think he flew solo much, if at all – as an instructor and then Liberator pilot in the war and airline pilot afterwards, most of his 18,800 hours were with someone else alongside.

  14. In the middle of a cluster$%@ between my former gym and my company’s auto-pay system. I may have to physically storm the payroll office. That said, I was sick as a dog yesterday and feeling much better today, so not too bad.

  15. narmitaj- The two times I had to restore from a time machine backup (upgrading hard drives in both cases), it went very smoothly. Ditto using Migration Assistant to move my own seven year-old MacBook to a new MBP last month.

  16. On lunch-break at work, and so far the day is going somewhat better than yesterday and the day before did. Got a reference call about a former colleague who is job-hunting because her current employer is shutting down, so that was a definite bright point in the day. Hope she lands it.

    Sending purrs and chin-scratches to Simba and his family; hope things resolve on a positive note very soon.

  17. Was trying to fall asleep when a fairly full-blown story idea came to mind. Got up to make notes before I forgot the details. In the course of checking some historical details online, I discovered my grandfather — who I only remembered as a frail old man before he died when I was 12 — may actually have been a bad-ass when he was younger.

  18. Busy arguing with an html script when I have never even seen html script before. No amount of saying “Ive never done this before, please know that this is a novice experiment” which dowent seem to be getting thru to the right brain cells

  19. In the course of checking some historical details online, I discovered my grandfather — who I only remembered as a frail old man before he died when I was 12 — may actually have been a bad-ass when he was younger.

    brucearthurs, very cool.

  20. My day sucks, thanks for asking.

    But this, too, shall pass. Just like a kidney stone.

  21. My day is fantastic I’m still cancer free!
    (70% chance of recurrence – oncology follow up every 3 months)
    Thanks for asking :-D

  22. Heh. New heavy duty dog clipper showed up from Amazon. After several years of fighting 5 dogs’ winter coats with hair clippers and scissors, this year’s spring trimming should go fine. Can’t wait to throw in the funny doos and take pics, before they get the full buzz cut. The dogs always look so confused as to why we are laughing.

    Also, tonight is legs’ night. Squats, and deadlifts, and lunges, oh my!

  23. Great day! Just found out we’ve been accepted to two summer art fairs, including the Anacortes Arts Festival, which has had very good sales on the rare occasions they accept us. I can now start planning a summer vacation in July and be reasonably sure that I’ll be able to pay for it in August.

  24. Spent the day at the Aurora Outlet mall with my mom, sister and her two daughters. Many cute clothes were bought, my mom found a 8 cup measuring cup she needed and I found some nice soup spoons and 2 large glass covered bowls for a very reasonable price. I am, however, exhausted from all the walking… although it is good for me. Now, I’m getting ready to feed the dogs (many hints from my very vocal younger collie, who is singing to me). So, a good day, all in all.

  25. I’m in Dallas at the airport, also flying to Seattle, because my wife and kids and house and car are all there.

    Flight is delayed three hours, so I’m bummed.

    In other news, Colson Whitehead has a zombie novel. So I have that going for me.

  26. My Thursday was good! I am at the Oxford Literary Festival; today there was a session on Jane Austen’s early manuscripts, and interviews/readings/performances with Ian McEwan and Eric Bibb, as well as a visit to the Ashmolean Museum.

    I will also be flying to Seattle, but not until Monday.

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