View From a Hotel Window, Seattle Edition

I got a gull! Actually, there’s several. I expect they will wake me. Not sure how I feel about that.

In other news, hi, here I am in Seattle for Emerald City Comicon, which begins tomorrow. Here’s my schedule of events. Come say hello! That is, if you can get in; I understand it’s sold out. Even so.

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  1. Welcome to my town! It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it? I won’t be able to come say Hi!, unfortunately, but I hope you enjoy your visit.

  2. Seattle is a wonderful place to hike around. And they have some of the best fish n’ chips in the world! I hope you enjoy your visit there.

  3. *Waves* Hello! I had no idea how fast the tickets would sell out; clearly you’re a big deal up here in the Pacific North Wet.

  4. Get down to the harbor (at low tide?) and look for gulls feeding on sea stars. They’ll grab a sea star, then sit up on a piling slowly, slowly swallowing it. A gull with a couple of tentacles dangling from its bill looks wonderfully Cthulhoid.

  5. Hey, welcome to Cascadia! I wish I had ECCC tickets, but I was kind of recovering from eye surgery when they went up for sale, and, yeah. Have a great time! If you like sushi, you might catch the streetcar (not the monorail, the one that’s not up in the air XD ) from Westlake down to Lake Union; I <3 Sushi is at the far end of the line and is very good. Sit at the bar. Yummy. ^_^

  6. Seagulls, piffle. I live in Magnolia, across from the seattle waterfront and we have 3 bald eagle nests right on the water. I will try to send one of them over to chase off the seagulls for you.

  7. Funny thing about the lowly gull. It is the only bird named for one state (California) but is also the state bird of another state. (Utah)

    Sorry, nothing to do with Seattle. Carry on.

  8. I’ll be there tomorrow to say hi and get a few things signed. Haven’t chatted with you since the “Fuzzy” tour at the lecture hall at UW. Looking forward to seeing you.
    Jeff S.

  9. re: your tweet: You’re in MY HOME TOWN and you still need caffeine? You just ain’t tryin’ man.

  10. Man, Eric is right. When I was in Seattle 15 years ago for a USENIX conf., there were street corners downtown even then with multiple coffee shops on them…

  11. I see lots of people incredulous that OGH needs caffeine in Seattle. What they don’t know is that OGH feels the same way about coffee that I do. It’s nasty. I believe the relevant quote is “it tastes like ass”.

    Now if Seattle was the home of the Coke Zero bottling plant, that would be a different matter….

  12. ::facepalm:: Duh, right ! Scalzi is the “coffee tastes like ass” guy. :D Nevermind.

  13. Coke Zero might be a little difficult to find, but every Starbucks has Refreshers–coffee that tastes like fruit. Which IMO is just WRONG, but nobody asked me.

  14. mintwitch – well, considering coffee IS a fruit (the “beans” being the seeds of said fruit), it sort of makes sense. Sort of. I’ve had some light roasts that taste fruity, hinting at blueberry. Not really a fan of light roasts, tbh.

  15. For those who’s opinion of coffee runs to “ass,” the Six Arms Pub, right up the street from the Con venue, and part of the most awesome McMinnemen’s group, has many many delightful beers available. Most are brewed on-site.

  16. Gawd, but that’s a bleak view. Have you considered just emptying all liquor bottles in the minibar and passing out?

  17. I’ll be there tomorrow with my kids. Hopefully, we’ll run into you.

  18. Only tourists drink at Starbucks.

    And if someone can’t take grey skies, there’s the airport.

  19. IIRC, Scazi doesn’t do alcohol, either. Last time I was in Seattle, I stayed at the Moore Hotel. Kind of funky old place, but if you don’t mind Euro-style rooms with the bath down the hall, it’s a bargain and close to the tourist stuff.

  20. To quote an old Bosun I worked with, “seagulls are pigeons with Z-cards.”

    (A Z-card was the old US Merchant Mariner i.d. card. I know having to explain a gag dilutes or kills it, but that one is so damn accurate I still love it.)

    (Also, “seagull” is apparently now a term in some project management fields: i.e., someone who flies in, shits on something, then leaves.)

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