Off to the Emerald City Comicon

Well, I mean, once I get out of this bed, shower, and maybe eat something.

I’m likely to be scarce around the blog today, but if you can’t live if living is without me, keep tabs on the Twitter feed. Weird to think some of you don’t follow me on Twitter, but there you go.

13 Comments on “Off to the Emerald City Comicon”

  1. Some of us don’t follow anyone on Twitter. (Some of us don’t *do* Twitter. Yes, I have an account, but I only got it when a friend was opening a restaurant, to follow that.) (I don’t go out much; cell phone reception in the apt. is… well, it *isn’t*; so I was Tweeting from the PC. *wry*) (No, I don’t text either. I might if I were on the go, at all, but I’m really not.)

  2. I do follow you on Twitter, but I’ve found that lately I haven’t been checking Twitter very often. I’ve added a few more bloggers to my list recently and Twitter loses it’s appeal. I rarely tweet. I’m not particularly well known and most of the people who would be interested in 140 character bursts of my wit and wisdom see it on Facebook.

    Twitter seems purpose built for leaping before one looks. I’m probably better off letting new internet storms rage for a few hours and then finding out a little later, after someone has digested it and blogged about it. I’m also trying to teach myself that after a big news event like the Boston Marathon Bombing that watching the TV for more than an hour thereafter will just subject me to endless repeats of baseless speculation and reports that authorities are still organizing.

  3. Weirdly, I do follow you (and a bunch of other people I followed during my last ~48-hour burst of Being Social On The Social Media) on twitter. It’s just that I haven’t signed into my account for over a year.

  4. Shame the con had to be THIS (miserable wet cold) weekend instead of LAST (gorgeous 65 and sunny) weekend… doesn’t really show our city to it’s advantage

  5. Isn’t twitter something you can only get on a cell phone? As I don’t own such an object, I’m guessing that would make it hard to read your twits, or whatever they’re called.

  6. I don’t have a twitter account or a smartphone, and I have texting banned from the service plan on my 9 year old Motorola Razr. Judging from the comments, it looks like several other Luddites like me actually read your blog. We do exist.

  7. I don’t think of myself as a Luddite; I think I’m being choosy as to what I spend my time on. Twitter ain’t on the list.

  8. My only Twitter reading thus far is on the sidebar of this page. Now and again I think it might be amusing to see a larger slice of it, but then I remember that I’m the sort of person to try to read everything, and that tendency would be disastrous if unleashed on Twitter. Or the other way around.

  9. I followed you on Twitter for ages, but I gave up Twitter about a year and a half ago, as I found it was taking up WAY TOO MUCH of my free time. And I wasn’t able to just check the latest tweets from people I followed, I had to read EVERY SINGLE TWEET that had happened since I last logged in to Twitter, and it was just brain melting if I was off for more than a day.

    For those of you who think it’s a phone-only thing, there are desktop apps, or you can just read Twitter on their very own interweb site. Easy peasy.

  10. Got twitter but just don’t visit it as much. Given that my life with a real ‘personal computer’ on the internet began in my late 30s (mid 1990s), I think I’ve adjust well from the world of typewriters, rotary telephones, reel-to-reel tape players, 32c/gallon gas, 12c comicbooks, record (and cassette) players, rolodex, mechanical adding machines and cash registers, etc etc etc. I’d also say ‘books’ but that might get me banned here (and if my wife ever heard me say that, she might stick a fork in me). Anyhoo, good to see again, John @ ECCC, and look forward to your reading/Q&A @ 5pm pst today.