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Not Exactly a Case For the Scooby Gang

There is evidence to suggest the neighbor kids used the backyard hill for sledding, perhaps earlier this very morning. Which, I would hasten to add, is perfectly fine. They’ve asked before, and we’ve given them blanket permission. It is in fact a lovely little hill to do a bit of sledding on. It would be […]

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The Human Division Paperback Out in the World

I was on a boat and/or Grand Cayman last Tuesday, so I neglected to make a big deal out of The Human Division coming out in paperback on its release day — and indeed, had not seen the paperback version of the book before I left on vacation. However, the bookstore at the Fort Lauderdale […]

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Post-Oscar Notes, 2014

My cats got me up early and I can’t get back to sleep, so I might as well make something useful out of it. And thus, a few post-Oscar thoughts. 1. For those of you who missed it, I did post some updates to my predictions prior to heading off on vacation; I appended them […]

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I’m back from a lovely week away. For those wondering, my personal project was: Vacation, specifically on the JoCo cruise. It was a week without Internet or even news; I came back onto land before I found out anything that happened for the last week. This is as it should be. A couple of things: […]

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