Daily Archives: April 4, 2014

New Books and ARCs, 4/4/14

Hey, look, more books and ARCs to the Scalzi compound, just in time to head into the weekend. What looks good to you here? Tell me in the comments!

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A Series of Tweets Regarding My Own Personal Sexism

Apropos to a discussion on Twitter about this Slate article, a discussion of sexism, specifically, my own: (Quick multitweet spree about to commence in roughly 10 seconds, lasting no more than five minutes. Be prepared!) — John Scalzi (@scalzi) April 4, 2014 Parallel to everyone should be able to acknowledge their own racism, I'll give […]

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The Droid Maxx, Two Weeks In

I’m two weeks in to owning the Droid Maxx, and I gotta say that I love love love the thing, and the reason is almost entirely down to the battery life, which for me at least lives up to its advertised claim of lasting up to 48 hours. The acid test was me taking it […]

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The Big Idea: Geoff Rodkey

Some stories are easy. Others fight you, pretending to be one thing but then turning into something else entirely. Geoff Rodkey knows about the latter — for his Chronicles of Egg series, of which Blue Sea Burning is the final installment, he had to play his story like a marlin before reeling it in. Here […]

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