John Scalzi, Award-Winning… Meteorologist?

No, I haven’t started a sideline business for when my writing career craters under me. There’s a John Scalzi (no relation, or at least no relation that doesn’t go back several generations), who works as a meteorologist for WWSB down in Sarasota, Florida, and he just won the “Best Weathercast” award from the Florida Associated Press Broadcasters. So that’s excellent for him! As I noted when I congratulated him on his Facebook fan page, the name “John Scalzi” always looks good on an award.

One day the two of us will meet and it will be confusing but fun for everyone involved.

In any event: Congratulations to John Scalzi, from John Scalzi.


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  1. I live down in the area of the southern John Scalzi and hear him on the radio occasionally. If I’m not paying full enough attention to the radio it will startle me to thinking it’s the northern John Scalzi (because, for example, I’m paying attention to trying to avoid being driven into by someone else who’s paying more attention to their cell phone than the multi-ton vehicle they’re driving at speed).

    One more reason for you to encourage your publisher to send you on a book trip to FL. Preferably in the winter of course. Although it’s much less crowded in the summer.

  2. Fun, isn’t it? I maintain a running list of John Barneses I am not (can be found on my Amazon profile; it’s long because it’s such a common name. In fact there are three other John Barneses in science fiction and fantasy alone). I am far surpassed, though, by my friend Huan Xi, who has one of the very commonest names on the planet (and is in fact the 3rd Huan Xi I’ve met); his list stretches to well over 100 (and includes the other 2 I’ve met).

    My dissertation advisor, the theatre historian Dennis Kennedy, was at a conference having a drink with the director, Dennis Kennedy, comparing notes on how much of each other’s mail they’d gotten over the years, when they noticed they were being pointed out to a third man, who came over and introduced himself. It was Dennis Kennedy the lighting designer.

  3. I share my name with a NM state senator. A friend shares his with someone on a watch list, which is annoying/causesqa problems, especially when trying to cross borders.

  4. Presumably the two of you would team up to fight a horrible world-destroying menace with a lot of zany quips and hilarious identity confusion along the way, so, sure.

  5. the world should be afraid of the Scalzi’s, if you pronounce it the way i do, you’ll get scared by the name itself for sure… Just kidding, but that’s one funny story, i’d like to see how the two of you would team up if you do: it’s either gonna turn out to be brilliant and genius or a complete disaster!

  6. When you two meet, make sure in advance that you have matching suitcases with valuable contents and meet in a long hallway with many doors. Classic farce has stringent requirements.

  7. I’ve no doubt but that Weatherdude John Scalzi has been congratulated for winning a Hugo, so congrats, Writerdude John, on the weather award! ;-)

  8. Several doctors, race car driver of some note, basketball player of note, and I even have my own Jr Sci Fi book series! (I’m the network engineer in case anyone knows who I am.)

  9. I’d love to see a picture of you holding his award and him holding your latest Hugo. With maybe a cat or two lounging artistically nearby.

  10. Dear John,

    So many people in the world.

    What got me to join Facebook was being informed there were two other Cteins there… and that isn’t even a real name! (Well, it’s my legal name, but it got created out of whole cloth).

    We Friended each other, of course.

    pax / whatshisface

  11. I was once startled to learn that I had apparently won a posthumous award for songwriting from the CMA. I would have congratulated myself, but that’s hard to do when you’re dead. :)

  12. Winston Churchill, later British Prime Minister, started out his writing career as a journalist covering the Boer War. At the time, an American author, also named Winston Churchill, was better known, having been editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. When the British Churchill published his first book, he wrote the following to the American Churchill:

    Mr. Winston Churchill presents his compliments to Mr. Winston Churchill, and begs to draw his attention to a matter which concerns them both. He has learnt from the Press notices that Mr. Winston Churchill proposes to bring out another novel, entitled Richard Carvel, which is certain to have a considerable sale both in England and America. Mr. Winston Churchill is also the author of a novel now being published in serial form in Macmillan’s Magazine, and for which he anticipates some sale both in England and America. He also proposes to publish on the 1st of October another military chronicle of the Soudan War. He has no doubt that Mr. Winston Churchill will recognise from this letter – if indeed by no other means – that there is grave danger of his works being mistaken for those of Mr. Winston Churchill.

    It goes on in that vein for a while, the conclusion being that the British WC would publish as Winston Spencer Churchill. The American’s response is also at that link, and has the same Victorian formality.

  13. Yes, it’s been done, but has it been done by the inimitable duo of John Scalzi and John Scalzi? No, it has not. Only you and John Scalzi can fix this, John Scalzi. You know what to do.

  14. I have an uncommon first name, but a pretty common last name. And yet. There was another person with my name a)working at the same university, b)banking at the same place, and, most annoyingly, c)getting her hair cut at the same salon.
    I’m wondering if I will discover time travel at some point in my life.

  15. What got me to join Facebook was being informed there were two other Cteins there… and that isn’t even a real name

    That’s going to be a bit confusing. Mind if we call you Scalzi?

  16. Imagine the crossover potential… but what sort of villain-of-the-week can be defeated by the joined forces of whip-sharp dialogue and meteorilogical acumen?

    My Two Scalzis debuts this fall on FX.

  17. Also, you can legally (if not morally) add the line “John Scalzi is an award winning meteorologist” to your jacket blub and bio!

    *excuse the double post

  18. At least you aren’t getting email wishing you death and ill-luck because you recently defeated [insert name of your favorite MMA fighter here] in your most recent bout.

    Poor Matt Hughes.

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