How I Keep Myself Amused on Long Flights, Part II: The Gremlining

(For those who missed the first in this series, posted almost a year ago (i.e., almost certainly on another long plane trip to Los Angeles), it’s here.)

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

15 replies on “How I Keep Myself Amused on Long Flights, Part II: The Gremlining”

Look, the real problem with improving working conditions is going to require eliminating Gremlin tenure, and let’s get real – the Gremlin Union is _never_ gonna let that happen. Who do you think got rid of Jimmy Hoffa’s body? Wake up, America!

Thanks, Mr. Scalzi.

I just spit iced tea all over my laptop.

And then my spouse came over to see what was so funny, and laughed himself into a coughing fit.

Now that you’ve made me splatter my laptop and have left my spouse wheezing to himself in the corner, you and your little gremlin friend can go off and have a nice time in LA. I hope you’re both pleased with yourselves.

I’m always looking for good tips to pass on to my students as they enter the work force. In emergency, try to murder your supervisor sounds about right for the current job market.

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