Off to the LA Times Festival of Books

So all the business I have going on in real life means I won’t be here much today. Enjoy your Saturday anyway.

7 Comments on “Off to the LA Times Festival of Books”

  1. Yesterday, I was in LA and had time to kill. Today, I am not in LA, nor do I have the free time to attend the Festival. Darn it.

    The good news is that I was able to kill my slack time in LA at the zoo, which I enjoyed.

  2. Well, have a great time. I’m taking my 13 year old daughter and her friends an hour south of us to La Mesa for a San Diegostuck meetup, which is a cosplay meet up primarily for fans of the Homestuck Web comic, though they accept all fandoms, which is why I will be wearing my “Frozen” (Elsa)/Doctor Who mash up T-shirt. I will be sitting there crocheting and enjoying watching my daughter and her friend and others have fun with their cosplay. Bummed I’m going to miss you at the book festival again. .. Maybe next year…

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