Jetting Toward Ohio

As one does after a fun and productive weekend in Los Angeles. Or at least as I do. You may do differently. Hey, I don’t judge.

Whatever back to full speed tomorrow.

9 Comments on “Jetting Toward Ohio

  1. As usual, I had schedule conflicts and completely missed L.A. Festival of books. I hear that the books were festive, and authors being walked on leashes by the books got away. Saw several of the Festival folk at the WOTF event, which was very well produced, and yielded their first anthology with color plates of remarkable art

  2. You jet setter, you. With your silk scarves and vests and your white pants and bare feet in leather shoes.

  3. Ohio’s in the news today. Gay marriage ruling on its way and earthquakes caused by fracking. How long will it be before someone tries to say that the earthquakes are actually tied to gay marriage?

  4. @DaveBranson Don’t give them ideas. Nothing’s too loopy for some folks.

  5. Beats Racing Towards Bethlehem, PA by Mario Andretti.