My Festival of Books Panel, Written Up

For those of you who were wondering how my panel at the LA Times Festival of Books went this weekend, there’s a short writeup of it here. It’s accurate with the small clarification that that I didn’t say I wrote in screenplay format, rather that my books often have three-act structure (which is a standard screenplay format).

11 Comments on “My Festival of Books Panel, Written Up

  1. You’re back! Yay… avoiding Whatever withdrawal for yet another day.

  2. Should that be screenplay structure? I thought screenplay format was the style in which screenplays are typed/presented…

  3. The talk was a lot of fun, and it was nice to see you again! I’m really looking forward to Redshirts The Miniseries. Sounds like everyone involved is going to have a lot of fun.

  4. [Deleted because off-topic, and yes, I know of the ad, Frankly. It’s, well, silly. – JS]

  5. my books often have three-act structure (which is a standard screenplay format)

    You are in good company there. Many of Steinbeck’s best works (and a couple of his stinkers) were written in a format that combined a novel with a play; Burning Bright is the most obvious example but not the only one.

  6. So how come only a three act structure. The greatest English playwright ever always wrote five act plays. Where did the other two acts go?

  7. Gary Willis:

    There are many fine plays that were three acts (or two acts, or however many acts). Also, of course, I’m not writing a play. Movies are commonly three acts, and structurally my novels tend to follow that form, because I am familiar with that structure.

  8. So, do you actually sit down and make a 3-act outline, or do your stories end up as 3-act stories via organic subconscious magic? And, does the 3-act structure relate to the trilogy format?

  9. Thanks for the plug, and sorry I didn’t clarify it better. It was hard to write up what you meant while still trying to stick to the story.