Today’s New Books and ARCs, 4/17/14

Some lovely books and ARCs in this stack — and now I want to know which look desirable to you. Share in the comments!

56 thoughts on “Today’s New Books and ARCs, 4/17/14

  1. My mailbag this week was generally solid. (Caveat: the link goes to a video, in case you do not care for those.) The most exciting item was the ARC for a new GRRM/Dozois anthology, Rogues. I am pretty certain that among the packages I open next Monday, Gemsigns — about which several of my friends have already raved — and the Hodder title will be included, and possibly the Stross. I am delighted to see a new one by Graham Joyce.

  2. Tigerman by Nick Harkaway. I’ve been a huge fan of the way he writes ever since I stumbled upon The Gone-Away World.

  3. Nick Harkaway has a new book!!!!!! Downloading now…. wait.. not released until the end of July. Torture!

  4. (And I totally failed to note that there’s a new Graham Joyce in that stack, too. Joyce is one of those truly under-appreciated genre writers.)

  5. More laundry!

    Now there is an inherently cinematic tale begging for adaptation to the big or the small screen!

  6. Ooh! Was already eagerly anticipating the new Laundry novel, but I didn’t know Nick Harkaway had something coming out. July looks like a good month :)

  7. Yup, your a privliged prick! Re-rerading all of the laundry books now. If you also get the new Harry Dredsden book early I am officially casting the monkey poo at you!

  8. Douglas Preston, oh yeah. With or without his writing partner Lincoln Child, I’ll read his stuff any time. Now I have to look for this one -and- the new Pendergast novel.

    (From their website -“In Roaring Fork, an exclusive ski resort in the Colorado Rockies, Agent Pendergast discovers an unlikely secret connecting the town to a chance meeting between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde.” How does anyone resist a tag line like that? ;-) )

  9. The Preston will be on my list once it hits paper. I’m a great fan of both him and Lincoln Child.

  10. Because of this posting, I am now _first on the waiting list_ for the library system’s ordered copies of the new Laundry book. Another reason why one must read Scalzi every day!

  11. ARC stands for Advance Reading Copy. These are printed from the corrected galleys and shipped off to reviewers, which is how Locus can have a review out before the book hits the shelves. They are also used to solicit cover blurbs from sufficiently high-profile folks.

    There are occasionally changes between the ARC and the finished book–rarely, because it’s expensive. Then the ARCs become quite a bit more collectible.

    Looking forward to the Harkaway, Stross, and Joyce, in that order.

  12. Stalking the Beast and Inner Sea Gods. I get how you got a copy of Stalking the Beast, but Inner Sea Gods is out of the RPG/Campaign settings lines. I don’t recall seeing you get any of those in recent stacks. What do you think you’ll do with it?

  13. Man, that’s a $40 splatbook right there. Do you even play Pathfinder? It’s cruel, is what it is.

  14. any new Stross, Hodder, or Joyce is always a good thing…intrigued about that Breaking Bad companion…that is a new one on me, but I don’t doubt them making a BB-related anything since the show is now over and done

  15. John, I can’t figure this out: while my PC/using Chrome sees all your other photos, I can’t see the photos of the new books you receive. It’s been that way for a few months. If I can see your other photos, how come I can’t see your pics of new books? Any idea?

  16. Holy cow! My book’s on Scalzi’s blog!! That, friends and neighbors, is awesome! And no, while my wife and co-author’s name isn’t Dean Koontz, she does work in higher ed., thereby enjoying at least the potential to become “Dean” Koontz!

  17. BigHand53: “There are occasionally changes between the ARC and the finished book–rarely, because it’s expensive. ”

    Is this still true? If so, why? It’s 2014. We have digital publishing tools; we no longer need to physically move around a piece of metal typeface to correct typos.

    I can understand the cost of re-printing if they’ve already ramped up printing the final versions. But if they haven’t, then…um…make digital corrections. Print. Done. Again, please correct me if I’m wrong.

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