Today is International Kristine Blauser Scalzi Appreciation Day

On account that it is also her birthday. Allow me to go first and to simply say that I can’t imagine what my life would be without her; probably it would me being alone in a small apartment, eating cold cereal from the box and weeping, every day, all the time. And, yeah. Don’t want that. So thank you, Krissy, for being my wife and making my life a joy every single day you are with me. I love you.

If you wish to leave my wife birthday greetings, by all means feel free to do so in the comments.

(Photo: Kyle Cassidy)

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Happy birthday, Krissy, and thanks for putting up with John so that we can also put up with him. Wait, no, I mean “enjoy” his work. Yup. (Also, Kyle Cassidy’s author photography is consistently brilliant; has he won or been nominated for any awards for his work with sf/f authors? When I think of the iconic sf/f author photographs of the past 10 years they’re… pretty much all his.)


Happy birthday Krissy. I wish I knew you so I could send you a great big hug. Consider yourself virtually hugged anyway – please ask John to deliver.

10/10 – would bang. (If that’s sexist, it’s the good kind.)

You’ve got a lot to be grateful for. It’s got to take every day effort, consideration, and thanking the heavens to earn your keep with her.

Others besides myself who share this birthday include actors James Wood and Barbara Hale. On this day, there was quite an earthquake in San Francisco, Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, Doolittle lead an attack on Tokyo that brought the war to Japan, and Einstein died…

Happy birthday, Krissy! Hope you have a great way to celebrate the day. Also thank you for saving your husband from a life of closet-sized apartments and eating cold cereal daily, co-producing the wonderful Athena, and being co-custodian of a wonderful four-legged menagerie.

I’ve read the first three books in the Old Man’s War universe, and my understanding is that you, Krissy, were the first to read all three, to tell their author if he was on the right track.

So it goes that you’ve been instrumental in the delivery of many hours of my amusement (and many minutes of reflection, too). For that, and for all of the manifold other ways in which you make it easier for your Mr. Scalzi to write, I thank you.

…And offer my best wishes for the year to come.

I’m a tad late, since I spent Krissy’s birthday in the English Channel, en route to Southampton, but I hope you all had fun, and that you have many more happy birthdays to come…

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