Daily Archives: April 20, 2014

No, The Hugo Nominations Were Not Rigged

Just to pull this out and give it its own post for emphasis. So, apparently Larry Correia and Vox Day offered on their Web sites a slate of suggested nominees for several Hugo categories, and several of their suggested nominees hit the final ballot. This has made a number of people feel things ranging from […]

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I’m Swancon 40’s International Guest of Honor

Swancon being Western Australia’s premier science fiction convention, don’t you know. Yes, next year I will be in Perth, round about Easter-time. It’ll be fun! And if you’re in Australia, you should pop by. I mean, everything in Australia is close to everything else, right? I made a video for Swancon to show when they […]

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Happy Easter

Every year since Athena was an infant, this particular Easter bunny has shown up with a basket of treats for her. And look! The bunny’s back! Good to see some things don’t change. A very happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it. And for those of you who don’t, have a wonderful day […]

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