Lazy Monday

Yup, it looks like it’s gonna be one of those days here at the Scalzi Compound. There are worse things.

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  1. Holidays do have that tendency. Me, well I have to drive to Toronto today. At least the holiday will mean the roads are empty.

    Toronto is a long way south :)


  2. Even though it is Patriots Day, a holiday celebrated in Mass and Maine, I am at work. Instead of watching the Red Sox.

  3. Well I’ve just delivered 730 Euro-election leaflets and am now going to imitate the photo.
    Only another 400 to deliver this week, more next week. Yes I did volunteer and so this is not a complaint

  4. Whoa, how old is Miss Daisy? Even factoring it being the end of winter, she’s looking a bit round. It looks like it might be time to switch her to either the senior dog formula, or the weight management version, of her food. Even factoring it being the end of winter, she’s looking a bit round.

    That, or get her a puppy to chase. That’ll slim her down right quick. :)

  5. That’s exactly how it was at the Taylor-Leon Guerrero compound this past weekend. Ben was away on the coast with a friend and his family, so we had the place to ourselves and just ended up doing one of those sloth thangs. Oh, I did the lawn and she did a little work on the tub, but yeah, it was very relaxing.

  6. It’s Easter Monday here in the UK and a lot of Europe so it’s a holiday. After food shopping this morning I sacked out with a book in the lawn chair after lunch – at least til the dark clouds and spitting rain drove me inside. Just a lazy day..

  7. I think the cat is photo-shopped.

    If that were an actual true-to-life and un-doctored photo, there is NO way the human would look that comfortable and have that much of the sofa/lounger to herself. :>)

  8. This is what I see pretty much every day when I get home: my roomate and her pets, in the living room, in these exact poses.

  9. For some reason this picture looks like something a replicant from Bladerunner would latch on to and keep, just to imagine it had a memory like this.

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