And Now, Rebuttals

And, now, for your information and consideration: People who disagree with me and think I am very, very wrong with regard to my thoughts on the Hugos this year:

Shweta Narayan

Arachne Jericho

Rose Lemberg

Kate Nepveu

You may find that you agree with them more than me. In which case: Agree with them more than me. As I’ve noted before, I could be wrong.

The only thing I would note is that I’ve not ever said people must read everything up for consideration for the Hugo. If you find you can’t, for whatever reason, then don’t, and (I think this follows) I would suggest leaving it off the final ballot entirely. Likewise, if you read it but can’t separate it out from the author, that’s life, and that’s okay. I think it’s worth trying, but a) it’s not always possible, b) no one’s obliged to agree that this is the best course of action.

In any event, take a look at what these folks have to say. They’re worth the read.

1 Comments on “And Now, Rebuttals”

  1. At least a couple of the folks writing the rebuttal pieces above have turned off comments on their site, mostly because (I assume) they don’t want to deal with the bullshit trolls who will inevitably pop up in comments. I’m turning off comments here so the bullshit trolls who are frustrated they can’t leave spoor there won’t have the opportunity to then decide this is a more congenial thread for it. Also, busy day before a travel day tomorrow, and I don’t have the time available for the sort of constant moderation I suspect this thread will need. Plus then bullshit trolls are frustrated twice, which is always nice.

    The flip side of this, however, is that it does also mean that those of you who think I’m legitimately wrong on this particular topic can’t publicly chime in to agree. Sorry. Remember that there’s always e-mail.

    Also, to be clear: This is how it works, people. I say something, people with different points of view, and different life perspectives, get to offer commentary on what I’ve said. And you may find you agree with them more than you agree with me (or vice-versa). Either way, I’m not immune to criticism, and it shouldn’t be assumed that everything I ever write is gold. It’s okay for people to tell me when they think I am showing my ass. Sometimes I do. I’d rather people tell me when they think that’s happening, than not.