There is a Dog Cleverly Hidden in This Picture!

Can you find her?

Look closely!

Don’t give up!

50 Comments on “There is a Dog Cleverly Hidden in This Picture!”

  1. It took a while, but I got it. There’s a blade of grass a little left of center, and a bit over two thirds of the way down, which stands out more clearly than a lot of the others, because the background is darker. That background appears to actually be a dog!

  2. I think the dog is under that tree way back on the right.

    What? In the center foreground, you say? No no, that’s Scalzi. It’s early spring, so he hasn’t finished shedding his winter coat yet.

  3. .
    Sometimes we see a cloud that’s dragonish,
    A vapor sometime like a bear or lion,
    A towered citadel, a pendant rock,
    A forkèd mountain, or blue promontory
    With trees upon ’t that nod unto the world
    And mock our eyes with air. Thou hast seen these signs.
    They are black vesper’s pageants.
    [ Antony and Cleopatra, Act 4, Scene 14]

  4. I feel so stupid. I can’t find the dog. All I see is Daisy.

    Oh wait.

    Shit. *facepalm*

  5. See, on the internet no one knows. That’s why we can’t recognize her!

  6. You don’t fool me, Scalzi. This is obviously a cat in a bacon-scented dog suit.

  7. First thing I thought was “That’s Uluru – can grass even grow there?” :)

    (Uluru is its proper name, not Ayer’s Rock, dual-name system or no dual-name system.)

  8. I also have to say, reading JS’s blog daily for a long time now, all of his animals are enormously fat. If you make a personal decision to be fat, fine, so be it. But.. really, no reason for a perfectly nice and healthy looking dog to be 50 lbs overweight. He’s a dog. He’s designed to run. He’s designed to be muscular and lean. It’s AGAINST SCIENCE TO STUFF A DOG SO FULL ALL IT CAN DO IS SIT AND SLEEP.

  9. Dog? What dog, Scalzi? I don’t see any dog – just a big Wheat-colored lump in the middle of your image.

    Actually, I think your Congressional Rep, John Boehner, has that same expression on his face these days, too. Only in your dog’s case, it’s kind of cute, actually….

    Maybe you should run her for his seat?

  10. In less political news – did you Photoshop that, use digital filtering, or go old-school analog filter? That’s a very pleasing color palette….

  11. Ah ha! I just spent an hour trying to find the dog, and then my took one look and told me it was a 3D stereogram. If you defocus your eyes, there’s a dog jumping out from the screen. Pretty cool actually.

  12. Shocking as this may seem, dpmaine, some dogs are female. This one, for example. There are relatively few male dogs named Daisy. The female pronoun is used in the OP, in fact.

    Only you would bring that sort of comment into a thread like this one. I guess we have to routinely expect that from you and your fellow Daysies. #SWIDT

  13. dpmaine:

    She, actually.

    She’s also part mastiff, which accounts for much of her bulky design. Even “lean” she still looks thick and huge.

    For that matter, none of the cats are in the least bit overweight, according to our vet. Two of them are longhairs, however, which makes them look bulkier than they might otherwise (Lopsided Cat is also just plain large for a cat).

    So, yeah, no.


    Calm, please.

  14. Yeah, OK.

    So when the longhairs say “I’m not fat, I’m fluffy,” they have the vet to back them up.

    I must say, I love that.

  15. Xopher @5:07:

    One of the longhairs can even reply to the “I’m not fat, I’m fluffy” with “I’m not fat, I’m Ghlaghghee!”

    (before testing her claws on whoever was foolish enough to displease Mighty She)

  16. Oh, man. I just left that on the table, didn’t I? Congratulations on picking it up. I’ll enjoy it while I do my time for Punster Malpractice.

  17. If you examine the picture very carefully you can see that at the extreme right edge in the far a house. If you look closely at the house you can see a window. If you examine that window even more closely you can see a doggie in that window.

  18. Zetopan, if you look even closer can you see a pricetag? Or do you have to go in and ask the famous question?

  19. Oh dear oh dear. My office and I spent twenty minutes today looking for the dog… Are you sure you framed the photo right? It’s okay to admit it. I cut things/people/animals out of my pics by mistake ALL the time.

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