On to C2E2

I’ll be spending most of the day at C2E2 today, wandering the halls, doing panels and avoiding assassins (I assume), so will not be much around here this Friday (and if I do update, it will be very short). If you’d like to know what I’m up to for most of the day, probably best to follow along with the Twitter feed. If you don’t follow it but you’re on the site, the last ten tweets are conveniently to the left; just scroll down a bit.

Or (if you’re in Chicago), just pop by C2E2. I’ll be easy to find; I’m the nerdy one. Easy to spot in that crowd.

Have a good Friday. (Not a Good Friday, though; that was last week.)

4 Comments on “On to C2E2”

  1. By left, you mean stage left, right? It’s funny, all this time I thought you were typing, looking at a screen like mine. I never imagined that you were actually looking out at me from the blog. Creepy.

  2. I had the same thought, Matt W. They’re only of the left if you’re inside the monitor looking out. OMG, Scalzi is looking at me from inside my monitor!

    Side note: I’m not sure that module is working correctly at the moment. It shows something link-like called My Tweets, but is not clickable for me.

  3. I don’t see them, on either left. They vanished a while back (I think during one of the general Whatever site visual updates). Weird.

    /insert a brief moment of science

    Okay, it’s a browser thing. Firefox can’t see them, but IE can.

    /another brief moment of science

    And my Firefox is up-to-date, so that’s not the issue.

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